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SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here


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On 5/23/2021 at 6:08 AM, Redlisted00 said:


This is/was my first "station" in this save, which I put in a polar orbit of about 150km, if memory serves. The name, Odulas 1, come from something I read somewhere about kerbalese being backwards spanish, as well as the Soviet Salyut program. (Salyut -> Salute -> Saludo -> Odulas) As this was before I had bothered learning how to orbital rendezvous, it actually launched with the crew. (Does that technically not make it a "station?" Hmm...) They were in two little "mini-Sozuz" pods just aft of the Jr. docking ports, using the two-man Soyuz pods from the Making History DLC.

I sent the crew home after about ~100 days in orbit. I'm keeping the station around, though, because it has a resource scanner, narrowband scanner, and Kerbnet access, so it still provides useful geographic and geologic data (it's totally not for spying in my headcanon, what are you talking about).

Please let me know if I put the picture in wrong. I'm very new here.

Welcome to the forums! I hadn't heard that about Kerbalese, but it's as good a theory as any. :)  The link to the picture worked fine, some people like to embed the picture directly using the 'Direct Link' selection offered by Imgur. 

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Mt. Logan II, at 145k Kerbin orbit. This has become my primary transfer point for off-world travel: Lots of habitation space; plenty of docking ports of various sizes, several thousand unit capacity for LF/Ox for refueling the various skiffs, orbital utility vehicle and construction tug, and Min/Mun Landers. And a MPL for generating lots of science points from all of those trips. And with enough patience it can be broken apart, moved to another orbit, and reassembled ... not that I'd ever do that, of course... :)


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N5MwwTf.jpegThis is my main station, Kir. It's in a 200km equatorial orbit. The left module is the science area (with a ludicrously unnecessary amount of science equipment for a sandbox save) and crewed craft docking area. Two of my "sort-of-Soyuz" 3-kerbal transfer craft are docked there. The right module is the command-and-control and main core section.  I'm planning on adding some fuel tanks, another totally unnecessary solar array, and some larger docking extensions for SSTOs and shuttle-type craft sometime soon.

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A moderate gravity medical orbital for relief from zero-G and general medical support of Kerbs.  Mostly self-sufficient for life support purposes.  Uses DockRotate mod + large SpaceY dock ports for the moving parts, SETI greenhouses, and K&K Planetary hab units.  The ends remain stationary for docking craft as well as providing some small amount of fuel storage for depot purposes. Apologies for video roughness, I just captured and posted with no edits


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3 hours ago, Redlisted00 said:

Not really. I was going more for the early salyut vibe, but admittedly didn't capture it very well. I see how one could think that though. I'm not very good at designing for aesthetics :D

well, if you are early in station building, that comes in time, as you learn more.

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Harmony station from my Spaceborne mission report which I'm hoping to get back to soon. The station has orbited 200 km above Kerbin for seven in-game years, during which it has changed and grown several times. Visitors include ten main expeditions and a number of short-term missions.


Docked on the left side is a Dauntless crew vehicle (number 17 I belive). On the right is the Explorer 1 mun lander acting as a temporary crew transfer while also receiving some hardware upgrades. On the bottom, docked to the orange fuel tank, is an old Keystone supply vehicle which has since been deorbited.



Here's another slightly earlier view of the station. Dauntless 17 is still docked on the left side. The Keystone is in the top left, before relocating to the bottom fuel tank. On the right is Dauntless 15 shortly before its depature with the expedition 9 crew.


One of the many spacewalks conducted during the station's lifetime. Here, engineers Bill and Siesen are working on removing some old components.

I also have stations at the Mun and Minmus, but these are scheduled to be replaced soon.

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Added the last Modules to the Cassiopeia Station in 500km LKO.

As you can see, the inflateable Modules on the right hand side below are not inflated yet. Also the both centrifuges in the middle are not unfolded yet. For these things I will need to get 3 engineers up there. They will also start up the 6000 kW Hermes Fission reactor... Moar Power, you know?!

Also some conversion to refill propellants and gases have to performed. Think I will eat up much of the stored ore.






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"When I first came to the Mun, it was all craters. They said I was daft to build a base at the edge of a cliff, but I landed one here anyway, just to show them. It fell over and sank into the crater." (my apologies to Monty Python)

Welcome (briefly) to Chateau Perilous. This is the only picture I thought to get of my base just south of the equatorial arch before, thanks to the magic of Physics Easing, it slid over the side. I wish I could say I landed it here deliberately, but I was actually trying to get to the plateau next to the arch itself, and just by luck managed to get it down here.  


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Here’s my submission, the Regulus, a space station built around a class-D asteroid in low  (25km) Munar orbit. 

Top view (Lots of lights were needed to illuminate the whole surface of the asteroid)

LYc62Jo.jpgHabitat and docking module

XHTvAiz.jpgInside the central hub

IoY0BNC.jpgTube leading to hab module 

XEE7acD.jpgHab module lower view

jQ7kijk.jpgMining rig

Pod section 

IVA view from one of the pods

Moving the asteroid 

rR0B1cE.jpgAll of this was made possible by the fact that you can apparently place parts onto asteroids using the new kerbal inventory system, which is what gave me the idea for this build in the first place. Placing all of the individual docking ports onto cubic octagonal struts only took about a hundred years…

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I see a lot of nice space stations here.....hello guys just a question, I will upload later my station photo's. Is complicated try to build a space station around another planet? I have already achieved the target to build a station around Mun and Kerbin, but if I would instead build something around Duna or something else? All suggestions will be appreciated!

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