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SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here


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That is BEAUTIFUL is it KSP?

As I and the others have already said, that is from Elite Dangerous. I only posted that picture to get the general feel of my next station across.

I've updated the torus in the VAB now, so it definitely looks better. Oh, and a slight correction to something I said earlier; there aren't 96 seats, there are 132. Maths error on my part. Oh well, I'm still not going to fill the damn thing up :P

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Whats the calculation to find out centrifugal force.

Heres my question:

Radius of the ring: ?

RMP: 1

Force: 1g

Can you please display the formula to find this out.


Centripetal acceleration (what you are looking for) is radius (m) times angular velocity squared (rad/s). Doing some unit conversion to get your angular speed form RPMs (rev/min):


Which for a back of the napking calculation (Pi~3), can approximate to:


Solving for RPM=1 and Ac=10 is easy:

R ~ Ac/((RPM/10)^2) = 10/(0.1^2) = 1000m

Rune. Writing that in text format is the hard part.

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I am new to this whole imbed image thing so am not sure if I have done it right.

You are doing things right. In general. :)

Mine is looking much more finished now that the support elements are in place. And only 200 parts on screen there! It ate two orange tanks, which leaves four more sitting there... I'm thinking, maybe I should put another ring, then move this party to some other SOI?


Rune. Note the attachment points in the ring for the Drive Pods.

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You know what they say... two rings are better than one.


I'm trying to figure out if launching two halves is better than launching both halves at the same time. The two separate launch method worked very well though.

That hunk in the middle is one of the two carrier vessels. I had to leave one attached because I didn't put a probe core on the ring itself.




AWESOME. :cool:

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I'm new to this forum, despite the age of my profile, just haven't been active until now. I recently picked up this game again. I've drastically reduced the number of explosions to the extent that I'm able to do something productive in the game hehe. I did a succesfull expedition to the mun earlier today, and just now I built my first little space station, isn't it adorable? :P


I'll try my hand at some docking and try and actually assemble modules in space. I've found that the ion engine is very effective for adjusting the orbit, achieved a near perfect 202k orbit with a deviation of only 13m. I have to say that the stations I've seen in this thread are very impressive.

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