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SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

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Humble beginnings :)


Gets a science lab attached at the bottom to which the orbital science mod stuff will be attached, while the remaining three radial docking ports will see a dedicated power module, escape pods and extended docking port for ship docking.

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This is my second Kerbin Space Station, KSS2, as the first one was decommissioned and de-orbited. Attached are two vessels: one spaceplane and one nuclear crew and cargo carrier.

The purpose of the space station is to provide refuelling, transfer between spaceplanes and intercelestial vessels, and to win the big space casino contract. It's not yet finished, the following modules will still be added:

- ring parts to finish the ring

- extra docking ports and fuel storage 'below' the ring

- 4 asteroids

The station will ultimately provide the tools to directly mine the asteroids that are attached to it.

I mainly used the planetary base and stockalike station parts mods for the construction of this station.

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Looks like my current career is going to be all about building seriously over-budget extensible orbital stations. Here's the first one.

In theory, infinitely extensible structure, part count notwithstanding. Assembled in Mun orbit (lifter pics as "proof"). I'll add pics to the album as the station grows.

Part mods: Stockalike station parts, USI MKS/OKS

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The KiSS - capable of moving from LKO to wherever with minimal resupply requirements. Using USI life support and Karbonite mods during my career mode...so Karbonite unlocks sooner than Ore mining, etc. Went to Duna stayed for a year and returned safely - overall a success.

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Only up to date pic I have of my new space station. I don't really have an official name for it, but I unofficially refer to it as "Spacehouse Phoenix", seeing how I had a series of space stations long ago that all went under the name "Spacehouse [number]". Also, every part so far has been lifted by a sort of space shuttle, think normal space shuttle without the boosters. I'm about to launch a [B]HUGE[/B] new module in the next few days on a conventional rocket (I tried Shuttling it, but balance issues and TWR has made me give up.) So yeah, this is a cool thing, I guess. Cheers,
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My Minmus station. Core/command module, Habitation Module, Science Lab with external experiment bays, orbital construction vehicle, Main Fuel Tank and the NOTS (Nuclear Orbital Transfer System) "Spirit".

The Spirit is a Mk 1-2 command pod with 2 nukes on the outside to haul modules. It has 3 heat shields and air brakes for aggressive aerobraking upon return to Kerbin.

Then later you see the lander docked to it.

The spirit brought all of the modules from Kerbin orbit for assembly.



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Hello !


This is not my first station, but it's the first I'm proud of !

I made it with three rockets :

- The core with a cupola module, a Hitchhiker Storage Container, some RCS fuel and the main node

- A 5-seats return capsule using sepatrons to de-orbit

- Some fuel supply (one tank is actually empty because I have some fuel left in the previous rocket) and a gizmo to de-orbit some debris


It's a fully able space spation now and I want to make it a space gas station for my future missions !

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Here's my Spaaace Station (I am incapable of spelling Spaaaace with just one A) the KIOS, Or Kerbin International Orbital Station, it has 3 mission goals, to A: Be totally Awesome, B: Repair & Resupply Vessels departing LKO, And C: To Repair and analyze the Science from ships returning to LKO. Only one module still needs to be attached, the Life Support Module containing Supplies, a Greenhouse and possibly a Hitchhiker Crew Module, the station was formerly considered complete but I recently downloaded USI Life Support, therefore requiring that I add some Life Support so the crew doesn't go on strike.

But here it is, the pride of KIAA (Kerbal International Aerospace Administration) the KIOS. With Bercine Kerman, the Station's Engineer floating next to it while the other two crew of the KIOS, Barger, the Station's Scientist, and Maglyn, the Station's Pilot/Commander, remain inside.

Mod's used, KIS/KAS, you can also see Texture Replacer, GregroxMun's colored Suits, EVE, Distant Object Enhancement, and Scatterer in this screenshot, although I uninstalled Scatterer shortly after taking this picture due to it making my game crash :( RIP Super Awesome Atmospheric Visuals, 2015-2015. I also have one of the Andromeda Galaxy Skybox's (I forgot which one) but due to Kerbin outshining the stars thanks to Distant Object Enhancement it isn't visible.



It was constructed like this, first the core station was launched into LKO on a rocket, then the Control & Docking Module with the RCS And Docking Ports was launched on it's own rocket, then I attempted to bring up one of the Solar Panel arrays on it's own rocket but wound up crashing into Kerbin, then I invented a Spaaaaace Shuttle, and then delivered one of the Solar Panel arrays in one piece via Spaaaace Shuttle, and then installed KIS/KAS and assembled the second solar panel array aswell as a bunch of other stuff on the station with parts brought up on a shuttle mission, and that's pretty much when the KIOS reached it's current status.

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Explaining how the Station was assembled.
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Here's my current one. I made a space lab style one first. In a previous campaign/career game I had another some others (Kerbin, Minmus, and a tiny one around the Mun), but this is so far my most extensive - combining stock, Station Science, and OKS. Mostly assembled with clampotrons (haven't unlucked the big ones yet though). I am adding a section that will house the resource tanks - mostly fuel, and will soon add an ISRU, though I expect a more significant fuel processing station to be build around Minmus just due to the economics. This one will probably continue to be a science station, but will act as a staging area for missions between both moons and Kerbin. This also seems to be acting as a Command Centre for Remote Tech.


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My three favorite stations I have in orbit around Kerbin right now are these three.

Called 'Ghost Station' because I originally started designing this station so I could evacuate it and partially destroy it, leaving it dead and abandoned in space as a "haunted" station, but as I continued designing it It ended up becoming too nice of a station to just let it sit empty in space. It has become one of my most often visited stations. It isn't that useful though (as a result of the original intent of the station.) This is the only station of the 3 that uses mods.


Andromeda Orbital Space Center, or AOSC is the main hub of my Kerbin activities, as it contains a decent amount of fuel storage for ships traveling to other planets to refuel after reaching orbit. This is also where I do most of my science researching as ships drop off data coming back from interplanetary science missions. Its fuel storage tanks detach and travel back and forth to my ore processing stations around Kerbin's moons to refuel the station's storage.


KSS 2.0 is just an experiment with modular stations. This station was built entirely (with exception to the Solar panels and the orange fuel tank), by Space Shuttle, but Its very wobbly though as a result, but its fairly useful. (Sorry its dark.)


I'm pretty proud of my shuttle design, so I'll include that too.


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On 11/8/2015, 4:20:18, Razur0172 said:

KSS-Kerbal Space Station (I know, i am very creative) [WIP]


This is the start of my first Space Station that i am not gonna make with Hyper Edit, because that's no fun. It took me 4 launches to get it into orbit.

You *are* very creative, just not in the naming department.  ;-)


That's a pretty fine-looking station, actually - is that 100% stock, or were there mods involved?


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On 20.11.2015 at 8:15 PM, Bonafire said:

Looks like my current career is going to be all about building seriously over-budget extensible orbital stations.

And here's the next one:

tl;dr: That last dock (4 ports on 2 planes) was seriously difficult. Don't try at home unless you have unlimited patience.

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Iconic yet simple is this thing, I'm not good at naming things so I call it the Space Station. It has been run through a large amount of trial and error, And is now under maximum efficiency for cheapest launch, contains no unnecessary parts or poor planning, and does all that it needs to.  It typically orbits at about 200Km up, but I suppose you could start it around the Mun.

It has a crew capacity of 15 dry, and if you count the service vehicles included it would be about 25 from the KSA's C.R.A.P. orbital vehicle (Crew Recovery Autonomous Pod, take it up with them), the Aeris 4A, a CSM, and the Super-Heavy Lander. It has a fuel bank, a cupola (It's very pretty), an orbital lab, and a hab module. It does have a Sr. port, but that's usually for the refueler that refuels the fuel bank full up with fuel.

The solar panels are placed mathematically for maximum efficiency, and it kinda looks like Mir. The station has 3550 units of fuel and 2588 units of monoprop. It currently lacks ISRU capabilities. It wasn't actually built for that. But it's still a great station!

Here's the Album

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