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SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here


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As 1.2 upset a lot of thing to me I had to rebuilt Outer Heaven totally. The result is better to me as the first one was a personal mod of a station found on KerbalX, at least this one is my creation.


Four docking ports.


Four solar panels and four (again) radiators.


She can accommodate seven maniacs courageous kerbonauts on a 200x200 km orbit with enough power onboard to keep on the research while being on the dark side. A cargo bay got all the stock instrument to get the science points.


I also rebuilt Avalon, still on a polar orbit but this time at 150 km.


It's just a Zvezda inspired station to study the specific polar science points, with two medium docking port. I launched it with my Proton-like rocket, Neutron. It selfly completed its orbit with four Thud ensuring the propulsion.


Simple and with a lot of monopropellant and fuel still available.


I just forget to place at least a simple relay antenna... but a HG-55 is still available.

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Many thanks to RocketPCGaming for getting me KSP, the first shipment of pineapples has arrived:




all the docking ports on the refueling station does a number on my framerate, especially when docking them together






These experiments have taught me a lot about how KSP works, and i'm a lot more efficient with parts than a few weeks ago, enjoy

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Aside from science parts (one of each orbital experiment), a couple stock floodlights, and the 2 stock relay antennas, this is entirely SSTU, and Near Future Construction. It's 33 parts, not counting the Orion (which is 2 more parts). That's with 4 lights, 5 science parts, and 2 antennas, so minus that "fluff" it's only 22!



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On 11/6/2016 at 3:00 PM, eloquentJane said:

The station looks pretty nice. The nice thing about stations, of course, is that you can easily add more modules if you forget something.


On 11/6/2016 at 2:59 PM, TheEpicSquared said:

This is SpaceLab, my space station in my KSP Megastructures story. I love Mark One Laboratory Extensions :cool: 


What mods are you using? 

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"Space Flower" stock parts station before refueling (Mun transfer engines attached)



take -off (then i suppose to shut down green light... bcause suicide squad can grab this for Joker :)  , it is how lightsources sometimes can kill idea.... ) 



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I spend around 50 hours into this. Started when 1.2 came out.


nHSIr5W.pngFirst parts in orbit.

First shuttle mission to provide supplies.

Taking shape.

Some more shapes!

Getting some nice landings.

Some more shuttle missions.

Some more landings.

Aaand some more landings.

And some more progress


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Nothing Fancy here, stock parts. KER is the only installed mod.

This will be the core of a refuelling station in minmus orbit, planning a second stage with ore tanks and ISRU.

Phase 1

Oh forgot to mention, no crew quarters as the station will be automated. there will be one very lonely engineer in the mining ship to improve drill efficiency.

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I haven't designed or launched a station since that Mun one right before KSP 1.2.0 released. Codename Linda, it takes a turn that I haven't in a very long time: having no business (yet) with off-world construction...or life support, involving Station Parts Expansion which I haven't touched since 1.0.5, and being launched whole from Kerbin Gael instead of being deployed through Extraplanetary Launchpads.


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Not really a space station; but KSP keeps converting it to a base everytime I dock or undock the probes I use for mining.


KSS Acropolis is an (almost) self sustainable ship. It has living quarters for up to 4 kerbals, a science lab (both from Planetary Base Systems mod), enough supplies and waste space for a year and a half without any kind of resupplies (TAC life support) and on top of that recycling units for waste water, carbon dioxide and a greenhouse (with algae farms for the fertilizer) so it could theoretically go on up to 4 years before running out of supplies and space for waste. It's powered by 4 atomic engines but to save weight it doesn't pack enough fuel to get back from Duna, that's where the three attached mining drones come in handy.

Since I want to send it over to Duna to act as a mothership (I plan on sending a planetary base and a vessel on the surface to bring back the 4 lucky kerbalnauts to orbit at Duna) I am testing both the mining drones and the life support recycling systems while orbiting Minmus.


Here still while being assembled on Kerbin low orbit


And here moving in the one-way landing vehicle for Duna to dock into it's port

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The latest configuration of my ISS-alike 'Pioneer Station', with one of my SR-19A 'Valkyrie' spaceplanes docked.  The KSC can be seen through the cupola as it passes below.  The "aft" section that represents the real-life Russian Orbital Segment modules was detached and re-positioned to Munar orbit as the beginning of a MIR-alike station.


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