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Voyager grand tour challenge

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Hello, in this challenge you are going to do a mission similar to that of Voyager 2. Voyager 2 was an interplanetary and interstellar mission and passed through four planets of the solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) taking advantage of the positions of Jupiter and Saturn made the famous 'gravitational assistance' where Jupiter and Saturn would propel the ship to reach Uranus and Neptune and after leaving the gravitational pull of the last planet it would become an interstellar-type mission.

This challenge is going to be more difficult since you will have to go through all the planets of the kerbol system(flying over) (except Eeloo) (it is not necessary to go through the moons but if you prefer you can go through them) and use the 'gravitational assistance' so that you do not spend a lot of fuel. You also have to return safely to Kerbin. The instructions are as follows:

You must arm your interplanetary satellite. The maximum height for the satellite is 30 m
You must arm your rocket and take it off
Go through all the planets of the kerbol system (except Eeloo) using the 'gravity assist'
Return safely to Kerbin
Post in this post video or screenshots

 The rules are as follows.

Visual mods allowed
The use of mods that guide the ship to the destination such as (MechJeb 2 and MechJeb) is not allowed
The use of the cheat menu is not allowed, if it were used they would be disqualified
Refills are not allowed

Greetings from Mexico;p


It's hard.


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hola we, representando a la comunidad hispana


hello we, representing the Hispanic community


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