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Kerbals Have shorter legs then we do. I find the fact they can run at 18 km/h forever quite impressive. It only feels slow because you are used to (near) orbital speeds, and you are not familiar with the scale. Most people have the same issue with rovers, they just don't understand how fast they are going and wonder why it's so unstable. 

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On 5/3/2022 at 12:52 AM, blankets said:

There are not many situations in which having faster kerbals is helpful. If your kerbal is 3 km away from the nearest base, a running speed of 2 m/s or 5 m/s are both painfully slow. If the gravity is low enough and there is no atmosphere, using the EVA jetpack can get you up to some serious speed. As amusing as seeing a kerbal waddle-sprinting would be, I think its safe to say KSP2 won't have faster kerbals.

If you were to try to solve it, I would agree physwarp seems the best option.

More helpful than faster walking/running would be built-in base game kerbal "following" where one could move several kerbals at once by having a group of kerbals follow a single kerbal.  Even better if it could be done in orbit with jetpacks.  The way has been mapped by a mod, but should be in base game imho.  Great for crew transfers, engineering work crews, etc

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