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A modern career tutorial video series


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There seems to be a lack of good career mode tutorials for the modern game, so I made some!  These focus on contract selection, progression, and science returns without being too tedious.

Episode 1:
* Small hopper rocket
* Suborbital flight & science from space

Episode 2:
* First orbital flight & science from high space
* Some notes about the Archives tab in R&D

Episode 3:
* Mun flyby
* Picking up those extra few points of science when you need them

Episode 4:
* Using a rescue contract and the klaw to achieve rendezvous, crew transfer, and docking contracts
* Rather subpar planning

I plan on making some more of these, covering Mun/Minmus landings and a trip to Duna.  I'd love to hear any feedback, questions, or suggestions!  Thanks!

EDIT: I haven't gotten around to editing this yet, but I did an alternate episode 4 for a minmus landing: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1468188204

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Thank you, good sir!

I am a new player, and the tutorials had me tearing my beard out (the hair on my head is slowly invading my back and shoulders, so I left the little tufts on my head alone)

This video serie of yours will without a doubt save the lives of little friendly green lads and lassies.


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