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projekt inspiRE 2022 | RSS/RO Propulsion and Solar System Expansion


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The first systematic approach at solar system expansion using KSP as a simulator. projekt inspiRE will release soon; featuring soundbites from Isaac Arthur, nuclear expansion and tension, and advanced propulsion concepts/technologies. Featuring Artemis III (2022 version) and other NASA concepts; from the return to the moon to the settling of post-humans on Proxima Centauri b.


Beginning in the summer of 2020, this project was conceptualized, and since then, has gone through 5 major revisions. Throughout those revisions, realism has been added and the goals of the project have been refined: this project features full RSS/RO (Real Solar System and Realism Overhaul). Not only are future propulsion concepts realized, but also future power sources and the ways to manage their heat are explored in depth. Thanks to publicly available NASA presentations and the Atomic Rockets website by Winchell Chung, nearly two years of research was compiled into the project.

Obviously, presenting all this research only scratches the surface of what I’ve covered, so I encourage you to explore the websites below.

Atomic Rockets - http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/

NASA Artemis - https://www.nasa.gov/artemisprogram


As of November 28, 2022, the project is still in development as I wait for an update to the EVE volumetrics and as finals comes crunching down. I plan on using this thread to talk a little about the research I've been doing in the past year and why I am doing this project instead of being 100% sane (lol). The amount of work I have put into this project shows when some of the scenes blur the lines between reality and simulation; the storyboard Word doc has over 8,000 words and I'm not finished.


I'm using this thread to both 1.) make myself accountable and finish the thing already, and 2.) showcase what I have already made to the community without spoiling the project.


Trailer has already dropped:


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My most recent video explores how a fusion ship would accelerate out of Earth's gravity well and provide artificial gravity for its crew, among other things. I'll link resources from Atomic Rockets that I've used to make the ship.





I really like this ship. Its radiators are massive: 2.8 GW of waste heat needs to be radiated at a fairly high temperature. The radiators are in 3x symmetry, so not much efficiency loss from backscatter. 

I made some changes/amalgamations: unveil the blackbox fusion propulsion system as a fission-charged gasdynamic mirror fusion engine. A gasdynamic reactor and engine seemed probable to me as one of the first fusion engines to show up in space, as it had a similar mass flow rate and exhaust velocity. Also, I changed the AG system to where the entire ship rolls around its longitudinal axis, with fuel at the ends to make it the largest moment of inertia and therefore stable in space. The centrifugal acceleration also helps with radiator plumbing until it has to travel up the gradient. Finally, the fuel mode, deuterium-deuterium fusion, was the easiest non-catalyzed fusion mode I could realistically see used in space. 

This ship will be in the 2nd part: The Belt, outer planets, fission (some fusion).

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Here's some images/videos of what I've been working on in the past 6 months. 

Starship Booster 7



Starship over Hawaii


HOPE VASIMR accelerating out of Terra's well


Ble gi (Blue Earth) McKendree Cylinder over Jupiter 


Sol Valkyrie: My derivation of Pellegrino's Valkyrie without solar departure engines and instead relying on a stellaser to push it to 92% c. Also, I've made the radiators Curie-point radiators out of molybdenum so that they work during cruise. 


Exoskeleton Methane NTR Tanker


Starship Refueling over Pacific Ocean


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I am still working on this project, and I hope to release it this summer in video form. Right now, I'm making a variety of chemical plants, including but not limited to CO2 extraction, methanol reactors, polyethylene and other polymerization reactors, electrolyzers, and Sabatier reactors. These plants are necessary to produce more complex plastics and other materials that are necessary for a self-sustaining off-Terra colony. When I'm done, these and other special things will be released in my Paraterraforming Mod on Spacedock and Github. 

I'm super hyped for this project and it's been cooking in the oven for over a year. Please be patient and expect a KSP video that does not compromise on realism or visual quality.


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Info-dump, here we go.

I haven't left inspiRE and I intend to release it during the upcoming winter break. I have been extremely busy this semester and I haven't found much time or motivation for creative work. That being said, if you've seen my Paraterraforming mod post, I learned blender and 3D graphics over the summer because it was on my bucket list of skills that I wanted to learn. I'm still learning more things and I intend to add a large lunar expansion and chemical plant expansion shortly. While I was learning blender, though, I realized that I was missing a large part of the project that needed to be added.

Transitions, computer graphics, and worldbuilding I had not addressed when writing the video script and shot lists. The film would be devoid of wonder and would be lacking clarity if I did not have those three things. So, I am using the skills I learned from building the Paraterraforming mod to do those things; I have some behind-the-scenes graphics attached to this post. I anticipate working with blender and AI in the future.

There's a lot you can do with KSP to have worldbuilding, but other creative tools tell a better story. Nevertheless, KSP graphics have increased in quality since my last post; if you've seen Blackrack's EVE volumetric clouds and Parallax 2.0, you know what I'm talking about. I'm anticipating the release of the volumetric clouds and some other starship assets this winter, and I will get to work filming the KSP side of the project as soon as those are released. In the meantime, I'll be trying to pass all my finals and retain some brain cells so that I can teach yall some thermodynamics soon (I wasn't just going to make an entertaining film)!

Thanks to Melodysheep for opening my third eye to computer graphics and music, my work is heavily inspired by them.

projekt inspiRE 2022



Picture Album

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On 1/10/2023 at 8:39 PM, InfoTheGamer said:

Here's something fun while yall wait, I recently upgraded my hardware so I can do much more in the realm of graphics :)




Dude that is mental. Can't wait to see what you pull off in KSP2

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