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"Kopernicus cannot load custom planetary system"



Originally posted this on the Kopernicus thread and then the KSRSS thread. Taking this more general since it appears the help I can attain from those threads is limited

I recently had an issue crop up that I am unable to fix on my own. I'm unable to click any of the menu buttons as well as the main issue seen here: https://imgur.com/a/tN3Bmlv. My GameData is also available at that link. Here's everything the Kopernicus message asks for: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fmap2wvas9kiz57/AAC1WcjpAffEs0whZTWpaA8aa?dl=0

When it popped up I had just installed KCCPlus and Vanadin's 39A and this seemingly triggered the issue. My Kopernicus was a couple versions old so I updated and uninstalled those 2 mods. This did not fix it. So I reinstalled Kopernicus again and KSRSS. This also did not fix it. I've updated Janitor's Closet & SpaceTux (I saw somewhere that could cause issues), I also reinstalled CD & Shabby as I was told that could also be impacting it, finally I tried refreshing all the log things. I seemingly haven't made any ground on it. The attached files feature all these attempted fixes and the mods that originally caused the issue. 

Thanks in advance for any help y'all may be able to provide!

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