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Hyperbolic Rescue

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Uh oh, Jeb's run out of fuel, he'll need an emergency rescue. LifeFlight I is standing by on the pad with a rescue crew ready to launch.

Save the attached .SFS file in in your Saves/scenarios folder and have at it.

Success is when you have Jeb safe on KSC property.



I made the rendevous then did a sling shot around the moon to get off of an escape course. Took me a few tries at reentry to land back at KSC, I ran out of fuel 15 meters from the ground and had a hard landing.

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Since no one's had success, heres a hint. Quicksave and find out the MET when Exlorer 7 will be at periapsis, then find out how long it will take the rescue craft to get there. Subtract the two and you have your launch time. No need for a perfect rendevous, once you're within 10km's or so Jeb can space walk over.

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