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Making a addon for chatter that has 1000+ costom lines and existing lines in actual english for ksp 1.12.X RSS/Stock

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This mod is meant to work in conjunction with real chatter which still works with 1.12.3, and is meant for RSS or you can use it for stock as well




Lines will include

Custom starship chatter and coms checks (voiced lines)

Custom spaceX marbase eva, chatter and coms checks (voiced lines)

Lunar eva and coms checks (voiced lines)

Various chatter and coms checks (voiced lines) for moons of planets 

orbital chatter and coms checks (voiced lines)

A whole bunch of new beeps, including the spacex com check beeps on the dragon

real space x coms checks (non custom)

Real nasa chatter and coms checks  (non custom)

Staticy sounding mars base chatter and coms checks (voiced lines)

non staticy mars base chatter and coms checks (voiced lines)

orbit chatter and coms checks (voiced lines)

space station generic chatter and coms checks (voiced lines)

and more!!!!

Heres an example of a mars Eva that ive recorded for mars not exactly perfect (far from it)

but i will be going over that as I polish the first release up. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fzYmpLgX1h_dTpG9LOhPozJ7cSBKeRHa/view?usp=sharing

also another one, spaceX com check



 I am the only one voicing them so far, I have recorded and edited 100+ lines so far, there a various methods of voice acting such as doing different accents, southern, midwestern, etc and I have changed the pitches of the voices along with adding static, communications breakups, etc to make them all diverse and less generic sounding. 


Future lines and  plans will include

chatter and coms checks (voiced lines) for all stock planets an moons 500+ lines 

More voice actors besides me (people that I know) which are in progrees with collaberating with me on onther mods.


My release date is planned for less than 2 months away, around the end of june. 


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