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Ad Scientiam et Humanitatem | A KSP Skylab Alternative History

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Ad Scientiam et Humanitatem


For around 3 months I have spent a lot of time researching the Skylab program and procrastinating about what an alternative history of Skylab would've looked like if it went right. This will be my own take based on what I love and dozens of studies, PDFs, concepts, etc from the various space agencies/companies pitched for Skylab, mainly the Reuse Study by McDonnel Douglas and the Power Tower studies by Lockheed. It will focus mainly on Skylab being a S&D station and extended by the Space Shuttle. The thread will contain 1 mission per post containing KSP Screenshots and diagrams.

 For his help with certain ideas, pure support, and the main inspiration for all of this and please check out his fantastic "Chasing Dreams" alternative history.
@Kuiper_Belt With their Incredible Shuttle Adventures 

The Beginning.

Skylab 1 and Skylab 2 (SLM-1) wait on their respected pads. May 14th 1973.

Full Mission List Coming Soon..




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Skylab 1 - May 14 1973
Part 1


After hard work since 1968 Skylab which was originally was named Orbital Workshop (OWS) is finally ready to soar the skies, it is a historical day for NASA and the United States as it marks the last launch of the Saturn V, the first launch of an American space station, and the largest spacecraft ever built. Mans dreams long stays in space are about to become true.


Skylab 1 waits on LC-39A with Skylab 2 on LC-39B

Skylab 1 prepares for launch.

Swing Arm 3 retract.

Mark! T-1 Minute and continuing to count.

T-24 Seconds, Swing Arm 1 retract!

T-16 Swing Arm 2 retract!

12.. 11.. 10.. 9.. 8.. We have ignition sequence.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

We have a liftoff! The Skylab lifting off the pad now!

Skylab has cleared the tower!

Mark T+18 seconds, pitch and roll program started, Saturn V currently now on flight path 

T+ Minute, Display data shows stable thrust on all five engines

Roll program complete. Anomaly


S-II performing on the spot

Skylab Sep. Anomaly

Part 2 Coming soon!

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Skylab 1 - Part 2
"Crippled Station"

Skylab flips to 90° for direct alignment with the Sun.

ATM deployment


ATM deploys her wings



Skylab flips to a 45° angle instead of 90° for better thermal controls.


Goodnight Skylab.

After multiple anomalies and issues with the launch of Skylab NASA has delayed Skylab 2 until a solution for saving the crippled station with its solar panel deployment and thermal issues can be resolved, until then Skylab will remain in orbit with a 45° angle for better thermals instead of the originally desired 90° angle for solar generation.

Sorry folks for taking so long, it has been a super busy week I will try to get Skylab 2 done for next week

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