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Eclipse this weekend

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42 minutes ago, sevenperforce said:

Terrible here on the east coast.

Clouds are teasing me tonight. I gave up hope after a day of rain, but right now the eastern horizon is mostly clear. But the Moon won't rise for another 25 minutes and the clouds are moving back in that way....

But I'm rigging my phone to my little pentax monocular(AirMiles special pos) anyways, just in case

E: Yup, Moon should be up now, but there's hardly any sky visible, and certainly not where the Moon should be...

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I went to a local astronomy event and saw the eclipse, a Starlink train, ISS, an occultation of a star, the Hercules cluster, the Sombrero, Pinwheel, and Whirlpool galaxies, and a bunch of constellations.

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