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Well, I'm an idiot.


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So, basically, I just decided to have my first Mun mission. The plan was simple, exit Kerbin's atmosphere, get a Mun orbit, land on the Mun, plant a flag, fly back, enter Kerbin's atmosphere, and land safely. How could this possibly go wrong?

Well. try making it all the way to the Mun, which took 40 mins of reverting my flights, by the way, and then have SAS bug out on me by accidentally burning too much with SAS set to retrograde. So, I end up tossing, tumbling, turning, all the way down. I then land sideways, crushing half of my solar panel array into broken dreams. Then, and OH BOY then, do I fatfinger FULL THROTTLE, causing my lander to go speeding across the Mun, and then explode because duh. Also, it killed three of my kerbals. I love this game, but oh boy if this didn't make me want to die.

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