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Unable to Click Menu Buttons at Main Menu (KSP 1.12.3)

Eli the Space Nerd


Recently, I've been having trouble while attempting to startup the game.

The game seems to be working fine when going through the loading screen, but when the main menu loads up, I am unable to click any menu buttons. I've tried changing the screen resolution and taking some mods from the GameData, but nothing appeared to work.

I've uploaded the log file and a screenshot of the current mods down below. Please notify me if there is a fix to this issue.

The log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hcBhUYLLfz7O0hGwe5Txlnzh9GrMxAAh/view?usp=sharing


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I also had this. It happened when I got a new version (but not the latest) of KSPCommunityFixes and disappeared when I rolled back. Or rather, when I used my back-up install with the previous version of KSPCF.
I now have the latest version and it no longer happens.

However...in your screenshot I don't see KSPCF, so that couldn't have been the/my issue (?). 

I wanted to ask if you have a back-up install, but I'm seeing that you're using your Steam-install as your modded install. That's always tricky.

So I don't really have a answer, other than starting from a clean install and adding mods untill you encounter the problem.

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