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How do people make stockalike planet textures?

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This is a planet made by Jason Kerman


And this is one of my planets


I have searched everywhere and haven't found any tutorials to making planets similar to the former. Can anyone share tutorials on creating better planet textures?

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4 hours ago, JoshTheKerbal said:

Can anyone share tutorials on creating better planet textures?

Updated tutorials are difficult to find. While I don't have a tutorial myself, I will gladly give you some tips.

Tangram Heightmapper


Tangram Heightmapper (TH) is an in-browser program similar to Google Earth. TH allows you to Zoom into any part of the world and export screenshots of particular areas. Using photoshop, you can then heal together these exports into a detailed height map. Making vacuum bodies such as Jason's might be a little difficult considering Earth has geologic processes and thus land forms that vacuum bodies generally do not, but it is not impossible. All you have to do is a little exploring.

Kopernicus Wiki


The Kopernicus Wiki describes the purpose of each line of code in a planet config. It is an excellent tool for manipulating PQS mods into realistic terrain. One of the best tools for creating a vacuum body is the VoronoiCraters PQS mod.


Between these two, you should be well set (assuming you understand the basics of texturing). Good luck!

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