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Mod Request for Funds "Cheat"

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Hullo! I've a request for two mods that don't really create anything new, but rather add to functionality already present in the game and I imagine they would be quite simple for someone with modding experience. Both of these are are already functional within the Alt+F12 debug menu, so there's reason to argue they aren't at all necessary, but I'll explain how I would personally benefit from them after explaining what these mods are.

Funds - In the Alt+F12 menu, there are cheat options for adding/retracting science, reputation, and funds. Options for which are quite limited - funds having +- 1,000 and 100,000 as the two options. My request is a mod which, when opened, provides an input field for this instead. Simply type a number, and either press + or - to add or retract.

Why? - Why not edit the save file? Well, I play with a rather large modpack where scene changes take a lot of time - as such I try to avoid them wherever possible. I could very well edit my save file and add/retract funds from there easily, but I'd rather not be loading quicksaves to do this when I need to. When would I need to? Well to know that you should know the answer to why this would be useful for me: I'm starting up a "commercial program" with members of my discord where I can get paid by the kilogram in game for flying discord-user made payloads to their various destinations. They can in turn retract funds to "cheat" the craft into their own game if desired, and I'll give myself the appropriate funds in my game. This funds cheat mod would be very nice to have, rather than mashing buttons or editing my save file - I also thought of simply keeping track of funds and only adding them 100,000 at a time when that threshold was met to further simplify the process - these are options but this mod would be cooler in my opinion!

Mobile Mission Control - A button to access the Mission Control building from any scene in the game, perferrably without a scene change at all.

Why? - Realizing, okay I don't know C# or C++ so modding is out of reach for me at the moment (all I really know are .cfgs) I decided to make this simple idea really complicated, just to see if I could I guess - so I developed an array of custom contracts for the purpose listed above using the mod Contract Configurator. Basically I now have 12 contracts with 6 different "weight" categories, each with a Simple or Complex variant to give myself the adequate funds in game. They are universal so I don't need to make a specific contract for each individual mission, as they will all be different and I have no idea how many of them I will do - I needed a way to manually complete or fail the contract at will. I can use the Alt+F12 menu to accept offered contracts and complete them. The problem is, these custom contracts don't show as offered in the debug menu, but they do show up in  the Mission Control Building. So if I had access to that building without a scene change wherever I am, that would work around the problem.

Notes - the second mod is entirely unneccesary for me if the first mod were to be developed, given that it's a big work around for the fact that the first mod does not yet exist. However, I could see a benefit to having access to the contract options at all times without needing to go to the debug menu, what do you think?

Yeah - that's all! Is this as simple to implement as they sound? Truthfully, I'm not sure. But regardless I'm interested to know. Cheers!

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Discovered second mod already exists
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the code is rather simple; I could whip it up in no time except for the GUI.  I am really quite a novice at that.  will think about it and tell you what I decide after I get my BIOS unscrambled on the compiler computer.

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8 hours ago, kerbmario said:

how about you try cheat engine and see if it works??? @N9 Gaming

Haven't heard of it, might do a similar thing - if it works (doubtful, sorta) it has a "set funds to X" function looks like.

8 hours ago, zer0Kerbal said:

the code is rather simple; I could whip it up in no time except for the GUI.  I am really quite a novice at that.  will think about it and tell you what I decide after I get my BIOS unscrambled on the compiler computer.

Neat! Whatever is the simplest to create would be best!

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