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Akatsuki Lake? Does it actually exist?

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Sooo Akatsuki lake is supposed to be a biome on Eve, but it isn't, but it is???? On https://kerbal-maps.finitemonkeys.org/ it is displayed as a separate biome, but I heard that in game it doesn't show it as a separate biome (it says foothills). Now I am just really confused. Can someone explain what the heck is this lake?

Some links of maps that provide some interesting evidence (use biome mode)

A tiny bit supposed to be Akatsuki lake: https://kerbal-maps.finitemonkeys.org/?body=Eve&loc=35.113310220547817,108.54618043543216,Pin 

A big chunk supposed to be Akatsuki lake: https://kerbal-maps.finitemonkeys.org/?body=Eve&loc=49.255056,100.00258,Pin

In the same way, Craters biome is also very cursed.

This crater and a few around it are supposed to be Crater: https://kerbal-maps.finitemonkeys.org/?body=Eve&loc=-18.38459, 147.705002,Pin


Final question: [Without mods] Can you actually collect data from these biomes or at least be physically at them?

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Sooo... after some intense scanning of Eve via kerbnet, I found a spot where there IS an akatsuki lake biome, and you can get data from it! Below you can see the surface scanning module's data! However, this patch of akatsuki lake is not actually a "lake", it's the side of the crater below the actual "lake." The "lake" is still a foothills biome. Sooo basically, akatsuki lake does exist, but it in the wrong places. Also it isn't a few pixels wide. I can drive around it quite a bit.


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