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[1.12.x] Night Shift - Auto Day/Night cycle in the VAB/SPH - Version 0.8.0 - Initial Release

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Night Shift

Download via CKAN

Manual Install: Download from GitHub


Has it ever bothered you that the VAB/SPH was always stuck in daytime, even in the middle of the night? Well, I got sick of forgetting that I clicked on the VAB at night and forgot until a half hour later when I launched, so I made this mod. Plus I just thought it would be cool. With this mod, the background in the VAB and SPH will be in either a day or night mode, depending on what time you enter it. You can manually change between day and night mode too, by clicking on the toolbar button or pressing ALT+N. Note that time still does not pass while in the editor.

Incompatible with Lights Out Relit, as it does many similar things. I thought about adding the functionality of turning of the lights of the VAB/SPH, but I ran into too many issues getting that working with having a lit editor at night. I'm open to pull requests though if someone can figure it out in a graphically satisfactory way.

Other than that it should be compatible with most editor mods that don't adjust the lighting of the VAB, and I've used it with the Hangar extender mod without issue.

Since the mod automatically goes into day or night mode depending on the time, I've tried to code the it in a way that makes it consistent with alternate space center locations and planet sizes, but let me know if you run into issues and I'll see what I can do.

Please let me know if you find any mods that don't appear to be compatible.

Known Issues:
Sometimes you might see the background flicker when you switch between the SPH to the VAB as the mod has to re-hides some lights. It's usually pretty quick though.

Thanks a bunch to the creators of the LightsOut mod, which provided both the inspiration and technical implementation necessary for me to figure out how to create this mod. The skybox code in particular was very helpful. Also, the Kerbal Object Inspector mod was very nice for testing changes in game. I wish I had found it sooner in this mod's development.



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This bothered me also recently! And i thought by myself why has squad never changed that.... And now, thank god i found your mod! It gives me more realism to the game! Thank you!

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