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Endless expanse: Homebound (In Development)

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Homebound is the official system replacer of Endless Expanse, development is still ongoinging so please be patient


As i go along updated for homebound development will be posted here, as not everyone has discord where i previously mostly posted updatesBc.png

Current progress:


Sidoh, the homeworld of this mod, was made with tectonic activity in mind.


Adire, The closest of Sidoh's current moons. It was hit by a massive impact which caused the welling up of basaltic magma which flooded the lowlands


Tyvin, an iron rich world with a mars like atmosphere, it's argued wether it should be considered a moon or a binary partner. What's certain is that if space had been more kind to it, it might have ended up like Sidoh.Schermopname_2940.png

Cast, a mercury sized planet orbiting close to the main star that was recently hit by another object, it has turned into a molten hellscape with a single crater dominating half of the planet. It has one small moon named Nuo, it's being formed from ring material.




I'll be posting as i continue developing this system, Stay tuned!Bc.png

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Wanted to change some things
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1 hour ago, Sky Kerman said:

Do you have date when it will come out? This mod looks awesome and will it work with the other Endless expanse mod?

I dont since it's still a W.I.P. . And yes it will work with other endless expanse mods since it's the official system replacer for it

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100% planned, but not now since i'm doing general housekeeping (modkeeping?)
anyways, have unier's new scatterer config


On 7/14/2022 at 6:11 PM, Sky Kerman said:

Oh my god! Thats amazing! I cant believe a mod this unrecognized is so good! Will there be scatters?

thanks for the compliment btw

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ok i'm feeling better so i'm back

On 8/21/2022 at 7:07 PM, Sky Kerman said:

Hello! I've been so exited for this mod, I have already started making some fan art for it! (Will notify when done)

oh damn really?

i've never gotten something like fan art before

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