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KSP 11th Anniversary Art Collaboration


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KSP 11th anniversary.pngHello Kerbonauts!
We want to celebrate the 11th Anniversary with our fantastic community by asking you to send us your KSP art for a collage! Submissions will be open from June 10th through June 22rd, and we will reveal the final result on the anniversary, the 24th. Please send your submissions to [email protected]!

*Please note that we will not accept art that infringes on another IP or art that would be considered explicit.

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8 hours ago, kerbmario said:

can ingame assets and/or crafts or 3d models (from the game)be included?

Yes! If you send us a jpeg or png copy of the file. 

7 hours ago, Madrocketman said:

I do a lot of graphic design and like to make posters, would that count?

If you made a KSP piece and would like it to be included by all means! 

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13 hours ago, Singhnaut said:

Would a comic strip count? (Also can I work on it with someone who doesn't play KSP)

Due to the formatting of the collage it would probably cut off most of the comic strip. If you have a panel that is KSP art that you want to send us, we can put that in! 

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On 6/23/2022 at 3:25 AM, Timmon26 said:

AAAAAAH, I almost missed this! :0.0: I only just saw this thread Monday!

Would've liked to have added more details and funny things going on, but I wanted to make sure I made the deadline. 

Wow, this is beautiful! Intercept should hire you, your style looks awesome! What program are you using?

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1 hour ago, Kasyan said:

Intercept should hire you, your style looks awesome!

Haha, if only! Hire me, Intercept! Sometimes I draw things, sometimes kerbals, sometimes decently! :D

I did this in Photoshop, but first made a very simple model in Blender and took a screenshot of the wireframe to give me a guide for the perspective. 

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