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Auxiliary Amphibious Craft Challenge


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In the light of my new line of Carriers, I experimented with the concept of a well deck as can be seen in the Priest class LHA


The challenge is simple, Create an amphibious craft, be it a rover or landing craft capable of launch and recovery from the vessel. The maximum dimensions of the opening deck are roughly 6.5m wide by 3.5m tall so plan your craft accordingly.

I plan on splitting this into two categories:

  • Amphibious Rovers;
    • A wheeled vehicle able to move a modest amount of passengers of cargo, under it's own power, too and from the vessel
    • Max part count of 50 parts


  • Landing Craft;
    • A specialised vehicle that is able to move heavier cargo, or light vehicles too and from the shore at high speeds
    • Max part count of 75 parts

Beyond these design specifications you are free to experiment to your hearts content.

Good luck.




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then u think the other way around:a huge deck

i learned how to make a mk2 carrier yesterday(mk2 oil tanks work supereme as wings)

ill make a mk3 one then

also i dont understand how long is a meter on that dimension other then radial(like,how many z400 batteries do u need to make them stack a meter long)

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