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Do something cool (and legitimate) with the KAL-1000


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The current spate of replies by user @imcute where they complete various challenges by abusing the KAL-1000 not checking parameter limits got me thinking: what legitimate, cool things can you do with a KAL-1000? I'm by no means an expert, having just the bare minimum of experience with the KAL-1000, so the current challenge is quite open-ended:

Build something in the game that is automated in a legitimate manner by the use of one or more KAL-1000s.

By "legitimate" I mean that your entry should not be using the KAL-1000 to set any game parameter to a value outside the limits for that parameter that are enforced by other parts of the game. For instance, if you use a KAL-1000 to control the thrust of an engine, that thrust must stay between 0 and 100 percent of rated thrust. Movement of robotic parts must stay within the limits set for those parts. Using a KAL-1000 to have an SRB respond to throttle input from the user while in flight is forbidden. If you want to fly an SRB powered craft with a pre-programmed, non-constant thrust profile (as was done in real life with, e.g., the Space Shuttle), go right ahead. And so on.

I hope this rule makes it clear what I mean by legitimate use of the KAL-1000. But I realize this rule is not 100% watertight, so please don't rules lawyer the challenge and, when in doubt if something is allowed, please ask.

The challenge is aimed at @imcute in particular, who, in a different thread, stated that they thought the only reason for the KAL-1000 existing in the game was to exceed parameter limits. But other people can join as well. If you have an older craft that uses the KAL-1000 in an interesting way, feel free to post that as well.

Other challenge rules:

  1. To keep a level playing field, please only use parts from the base game and DLCs.
  2. Informational and visual mods allowed
  3. Autopilots other than the stock SAS, as well as other mods that automate parts of the game, such as kOS, are not allowed. The idea is to use only the KAL-1000 to automate your craft.
  4. No Kraken drives, cheating, editing of game files (which amounts to writing your own mod) or otherwise exploiting the game engine in unreasonable ways.
  5. Using the Alt-F12 menus to set the location of your craft is allowed, as is using the informational displays that can be found there, such as the AeroGUI or the thermal data for parts. Please document any such use, though. Don't use the Alt-F12 menu to modify standard game physics, though.

Submissions to the challenge preferably as a short video showcasing your craft.

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1 hour ago, imcute said:

i did not know that u could read the throttle

You can't, not directly. But there is a way to make it work, which I'll leave for you to discover. Consider that part of the current challenge.

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I didn't experiment with KAL-1000 much, but I did build this simple helicopter for Jool STS-1 Mission. Fully electric, pontoons for water landings and a single seat


KAL-1000 was used to set up the controls for prop angles. I don't have a video of my own, but instead I will share the video of a tutorial I followed to build my helicopter



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6 minutes ago, imcute said:

why?i mean,u can fly ur ssto well in jool atmos

why would u want a helicop

I was doing a Jool STS-1 Mission, which is part of a STS Challenge thread. One of the mission requirements was to bring along a craft capable of flying on Laythe for exploration. However, as a self-imposed rule I was exclusively using Mk.2 parts, and Mk.2 cargo bays don't have much space in them, so fitting a small jet plane was impossible. Building a helicopter proved to be a good workaround

4 minutes ago, Superfluous J said:

Pinpoint landings in atmo are by no means easy and walking long distances is a pain.

While true, it wasn't the main reason why I built the helicopter. Hell, I didn't even fly it that much: I basically built it strictly to satisfy challenge requirements. However the helicopter itself proved to be working wonderfully, so I was satisfied in the end :)

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3 hours ago, imcute said:

ur drawing on the ground and jailing urself

@imcute You will stop telling others that they are playing the game in the wrong way. I've been trying to be patient with you and take a constructive stance. But my patience is coming to an end.

Everyone knows that bringing a small plane to Laythe is easier and more practical with a Mk3 Shuttle. But that is the entire point: to see if you can complete the mission without doing the obvious thing. If you do so, you even risk becoming a better KSP player.

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14 minutes ago, QF9E said:

Everyone knows that bringing a small plane to Laythe is easier and more practical with a Mk3 Shuttle


i dont think so

edit:oops misreaded this as Everyone knows that bringing a small plane to Laythe is easier and more practical than bringing a Mk3 Shuttle

45 minutes ago, Ben J. Kerman said:



45 minutes ago, Ben J. Kerman said:

Kania trucks

these things are not helpful about science mode or going to space

15 minutes ago, QF9E said:

without doing the obvious thing

i dont understand

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I built this all electric tilt rotor plane for permanent deployment at Laythe (and also variants for Duna and Eve).  It must be all electric because it is not known whether there is any usable ore on land (and jet engines don't work on Duna and Eve anyways).



The KAL9000 is used to like prop pitch with rotor tilt angle, to make controlling the plane manageable.



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Without wishing to flex too hard on this thread, I have managed to find a number of good uses for KALs, particularly since the final update when they fixed some irksome bugs that prevented it reaching its true potential:

Given the number of videos, I've spoilered them to keep this post in check, and sub-divided into categories

1. Robots!


Test 1: Ballerina

Test 2: Walking (plus a sea shanty)

Test 3: Hip hop (getting up and sitting down)

And then the combined run:



2. Logic Gates


The basics:


A calculator!



3. The Piece of Resistance: Meta KSP


And the accompanying how to guide:



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2 hours ago, dnbattley said:

Without wishing to flex too hard on this thread, I have managed to find a number of good uses for KALs,

Those are brilliant! I honestly never gave the KAL-1000 much thought and I never even considered linking multiple KAL-1000s together, let alone to make them into a calculator.

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