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1st Annual KSC Air Show

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Post videos of you most aerobatic craft flying near the KSC.

If you are going to participate you should probably look this over:

Definitions of various aerobatic maneuvers.


High G - Stand-alone award: The Backbreaker

+1 point for every g pulled in the flight summary.

Aileron roll Roll - Stand-alone award: Dizzy

+1 point for every consecutive rotation in 10 seconds

The Loop - Stand-alone award: Light Headed

+2 points for every complete loop in 20 seconds

Immelman - Youdaman

+1 points each (max 5)

Hammerhead - Stand-alone award: The Fallen

+5 points

Close calls - Stand-alone award: Suicidal

+1 point for each approach within 50 meters (approximate) of the ground or any other structure while your speed is above 75m/s. +1 additional point for every sustained 5 seconds of near earth flying or Close Call up to a maximum of 5 points.

Tailslide - Stand-alone award: Slippery

+5 points

Barrel Roll - Stand-alone award: How Did You Do That?

+2 points per roll in10 seconds.

Flat Spin - Stand-alone award: Are You Crazy??

+5 points

Lomcovak - Stand-alone award: WTF

+10 points

Kulbit - Stand-alone award: Holy Sh!t!

+10 points

Slides - 1 point total

Reverse - Stand-alone award: The Magician

Double points for managing any of this with your plane moving backwards. Counts as a separate maneuver.

High Speed - Stand-alone award: Swift

+additional 50% points for managing any maneuver at over 200 m/s


The plane must land successfully on the runway in order for the submission to be valid

Total video length can not be longer than 5 minutes and must be continuous (intro screens or credits do not count against this length, only from when you start your engines until a full stop on the runway)

Submissions will last from October 2nd until October 10th. At that time a poll will be posted for the viewers choice award. Your position in the viewers choice will earn you points based on 2X the number of entries. For example, if there are 10 entries first place will earn 20 points while 3rd would earn 16 points and last would earn 2.

Your final total score will determine your ranking.

Stand-alone awards will be decided based on the best technical proficiency at each maneuver or, in the event of a tie, which just looks the coolest.

Mods allowed: Any purely cosmetic mod, DamnedRobotics, Damned Aerospace, NovaPunch, MechJeb, Vlad's Airbrake.

Suggestions are welcome until October 2nd.

Good luck.

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additional maneuver scoring / rules tweaking

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Well, you actually have until the 10th to finish a submission. I wanted to leave a a couple days for suggestions for additional rules or awards.

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Here's a couple of old videos I made of craft from 0.15 (I believe). The Mosquito is the most aerobatic aircraft I've yet seen in KSP, capable of pulling around 100G. Due to the infinite glide bug it will accelerate in hard turns to speeds well in excess of terminal velocity; the RCS thruster is only needed for take-off.

The Hawk Moth is a more conventional design (though it it still is RCS-powered and exploits infini-glide) capable of landing an take-off without assistance. If I remember correctly it will pull about 50G in a hard turn. It's video contains more in the way of aerobatics so would be my submission (if so allowed).

EDIT: Well none of these two actually fulfill the relevant criteria. I'll just leave them here as oddities.

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Whelp, here is my attempt... took entirely too many tries, perhaps due to beer.

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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two cool planes form Zokesia Skunk Works:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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