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Player Spotlight - May 2022


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Welcome to our new monthly feature, Player Spotlight! This is a new monthly feature of Q&A interviews which highlight interesting Kerbal Space Program players. We will be featuring people with many different skills and life experiences such as modders, artists, streamers, teachers, engineers, and more. We wanted to start this project as an appreciation to our players and to highlight the diverse and inspirational crowd that has gathered around Kerbal Space Program.

To start things off, we reached out to one of our long time modders JadeofMaar about their experience playing Kerbal Space Program, and what brought them to make mods.

Jadeofmaar screenshot

*Photo credit to JadeofMaar

When and how did you first get into KSP? What was it that got you hooked in the game? 

"I was introduced to KSP by a classmate in 2015. Before I knew KSP I was a sci-fantasy world builder and I was fond of the flashy and often unrealistic flying vessels that appeared in movies etc, such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Mass Effect's Normandy, Star Trek: Voyager. What hooked me to KSP was that eventually I'd be able to build such things for myself and fly them well."

What is your most memorable accomplishment/in-game moment? 

"My most memorable in-game moment would be, not even my first (modded) Jool 5 attempt, but after that. It was when I attempted a grand Eeloo mission with a large and fancy nuclear ship carrying a human-shaped lander. But, the kraken decided to haunt the lander bay, eat the lander, and every kerbal in the ship? Lesson learned: trying to attach a lander by shielded docking port invites the kraken."

What inspired you to start making Mods for the game? 

"I don't have a straight answer for "what inspired me to start making mods," but I'd have to say the spark for that fire was lit when I joined in on "Team Galileo" and helped to create "Galileo's Planet Pack." There I contributed supporting (non-planet texture) artwork, started learning to make configs, and wanted more for part shapes and propulsion systems for the fantasy ships I wanted to build and fly around those planets."

What has been the most challenging thing about what you do? 

"The most challenging thing about what I do is putting up with the webs of configs that I spin myself into, and providing support for these when someone (usually using far more mods than me) finds them lacking somewhere or involved in errors . I tend to go to town and back on writing compatibility configs for mods (setting myself up), and so far, I have spun 3 such webs which are the cores of the mods they comprise."

What has been the most enjoyable/best thing about what you do? 

"I've lost the zeal for spinning webs of configs now but while I had it, the great enjoyment was knowing that everything worked out and all the options I wanted to see were ready for myself and for others to use. The most enjoyable or best thing about what I do nowadays is simply making parts as for most of my time as a modder, I've had to borrow (permissively licensed) mod parts that haven't aged well, or borrow stock parts (which anyone, and many) will do, and I want very much to rise from that level."

Thank you JadeofMaar for sharing those experiences with us! If you want to check out more of their work click here.

If you have an interesting KSP experience or want to share your work on KSP, please reach out to us!

-The KSP Team

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