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Xwink Transports


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Xwink Transports is to add Star Wars Troop Transport to the line up of models I have made so far. Due to file size causing some upload issues I have made this a separate mod. For now it is a U-wing and a Lambda Shuttle with parts so that they can hover and RCS, with a 6 seat Troop Bench and nodes internally to click in to place. The Troop bench also has end nodes so that you can chain them together. The internal spaces are shielded so that any Kerbals inside can survive high temperatures on atmospheric re-entry. Everything has unique nodes to just click in to place, If building yourself it is best to move yourself inside the model so you can see where you are attaching.
 I have provided craft file models of each in the main folder.
 They are body lift just like my Xwink vs Kiefighter models.
Enjoy. ColdJ.

License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

https://spacedock.info/mod/3055/Xwink Transports





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