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I will make 3d models for free

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Hello fellow Kerbal fans,


I have been enjoying the game for several years now and want to help the community. I can make 3d models, but have no idea how to create mods. Honestly ,I don't have the time to learn.

If anyone is interested - I have ideas for my own parts, or I can make your idea in 3d. Looking forward to making some fun projects!



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On 7/7/2022 at 8:09 PM, SingABrightSong said:

One thing that I think has been missing is a community-licensed stock-like greenhouse part model. The existing options are the zzz greenhouse, which is, uh, not great, or the SSPXr greenhouse which uses a non-permissive license.

This. I've seen several greenhouse mods arise, and they very much tend to use the ZZZ greenhouse model since it's the only real option that's freely licensed.

@victorsierra Can you show an example of your skill? A command pod? An engine?

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I'd be keen for simple but grubby engines for Simplex Propulsion if you want to have a go with engines.  Vacuum only,  dirty for Pollux engines, a powdered metal fuel and oxidiser.  

Thanks very much for the offer!

I also think that the greenhouse is a great option!


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Howdy, Victorsierra!

I can pass on some ideas for models! Personally, I'm all about the parts on the unmanned rovers and landers.

I'd love to see some nice models for rover wheels and/or suspension based off of Sojourner, Spirit/Opportunity, and Perseverance/Curiosity rovers! Along with the Chemcam and the cameras found on landers like Pathfinder. I feel like we need more parts based on IRL rovers and mars landers.

Best of luck to you on your 3D modeling ventures!

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