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Any good orbital mods, I am really bad at making perfect orbits.



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Welcome to the forum @RandomGrape, your question has been moved from KSP discussion to Gameplay Questions. Once you know the process it's easy to get around the system however a mod like Mechjeb can do all the flying for you.

If we start with the Mun you can get an intercept by plotting a manoeuvre node that intersects the Mun's orbit about one quarter of an orbit ahead. Don't worry about being too precise, just get the intercept and do the burn. Half way to the Mun create a manoeuvre node but don't play with it yet, right click on the Mun and select focus view. You should now see your path past the mun and you should be able to finetune your course to be super close to the surface. At the Mun periapsis point burn retrograde to get orbit.

Going interplanetary is much the same besides making sure you leave Kerbin orbit during the transfer window (the time when it is cheapest on Delta V) and at the ejection angle (the place in Kerbin's orbit you do your interplanetary burn) that is optimum for the body you wish to visit. Many of us use this tool to do the plotting. Once again do a mid course correction burn to fine tune your entry into the bodies sphere of influence and burn retrograde to make orbit.

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