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When ksp2 comes out, what mods will you want to see for it?


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15 minutes ago, SciMan said:

You know, I think I've thought of a rule for this thread.

How "war mods" work is off the topic of "what mods you want to see in ksp 2".

We're not talking about how we want specific mods to work in KSP 2, or if they're even possible.

We're talking about "what mods we want in KSP 2". That's the entirety of the extent of it. It stops right there.
If you want to discuss how war mods might or might not work in KSP 2, make your own thread for it. It's a different enough topic that it deserves its own thread. That way I don't have to keep saying I don't want war mods in KSP 2, because that's exactly my stance on it. I don't think they belong in KSP or KSP 2.

And apparently ultimately neither did the main modding talent behind the most prevalent war mod for KSP. That's why VTOL VR exists. It was literally a case of "I want to make this mod spun off and turn it into its own game".

That's how different war mods are from literally every other kind of mod you can think of for KSP 2.

It's apples and corn, not just apples and oranges.

Renders the thread useless if we have to leave the thread to discuss it.

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It only renders the thread useless for discussion of war mods, or at least that's what my intent was.

We shouldn't go right to "we only talk about war mods here" when the topic of the thread doesn't mention war a single time, yet that's exactly what happened with the past few pages of posts.

So I suggested that those who wish to discuss such things take their discussion to their own thread.

My approach with these kinds of things is often "start off with a blunt instrument, and hone it as needed".

So I started off with something very general, to avoid people trying to weasel their way out of it with the old "this isn't that, so it still belongs here" kind of thing.
Same reason a lot of places that have need for a moderation team have a rule that goes something like "If you're trying to explain how you're not breaking the rules, you're breaking the rules".

But really what I was trying to see no further discussion about in this thread was "war mods and if they're workable and how they'd work and blah blah blah", I won't get into it again.

It's not that I'm trying to globally stifle that discussion.
I'm just saying that there's too many posts about war mods in this thread within the past few pages, compared to how many people have or will actually install and use war mods in KSP 1 or 2.
So I suggested creating a new thread for that thing.

If I sounded like I wanted ALL discussion of how a specific kind of mod would work to go to its own thread, that's not what I intended.
It's pretty much just the talk about war mods that was bothering me. But I guess if it gets too involved and "stuck" on any one type of mod, I'd probably get a little irritated.
Same with how I get irritated when talk about how time warp works seems to be the only thing that ever got discussed in the multiplayer discussion thread.

I'm not interested in what everyone's stuck on, no matter what it is. I probably formed my opinion about that subject in a few minutes, and it's gonna stay that way, and I see no need to discuss it further, so the thread should probably move on to another sub-topic of whatever it's about, and yet it gets stuck on one subject for MONTHS.
It's like nobody can tell when someone's not willing to be convinced, and so the discussion just goes endlessly in circles, occasionally devolving to less-than-civil discourse.
That's how the multiplayer discussion thread died.

It's quite irksome to me. I don't like seeing threads die like that. And it's irksome enough that it's the kind of thing that makes me stop browsing the forums for that day.
But I don't just stay perturbed at a problem and not try to solve it.
So that (thread specific) rule is what I came up with so far to potentially prevent this thread from circling the drain.

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57 minutes ago, SciMan said:

That way I don't have to keep saying I don't want war mods in KSP 2, because that's exactly my stance on it. I don't think they belong in KSP or KSP 2.

I completely agree with your stance, but I just want to clarify this: Are you saying that you don’t personally want war mods in your  version of KSP 2, or are you saying that you don’t want war mods to be developed at all for KSP 2? I don’t actively want war mods to be developed, and nor do I think developers should be expected to develop those mods, but I also don’t actively oppose those mods. Why? Because if someone decides to develop them, or if someone decides to play them, that is their prerogative. I will be so minimally impacted that those might as well not exist, beyond a forum thread that I occasionally see pop up, or a line of text in CKAN (2?). 

Arguing about how different a mod is to the intended experience is utterly besides the point, and I’d say that getting into the nature of a mod to make an argument about it similarly violates your proposed rule, which ironically is in the same post. I could argue that something like RO-RP1 radically changes the game, which it does, and we could argue about whether the qualitative nature of that change is good or bad for the game, different or the same as other mods, whether it makes it “belong in KSP 2” and we’d be doing but missing the point that there is no point in actively opposing the mod existing, because if we don’t like it, then we don’t have to pay any mind. 

This applies to any modded experience that is suggested; I will do my best to dissuade someone from opposing that modded experience’s existence, and it just so happened that war mods were the experience whose existence in general was criticized. In short, let people want the things they want, even if you find it dumb or bad, as long as it is not hurting anyone. 

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No, I don't think development of war mods should be banned for KSP 2.
However, I think that a more productive avenue of approaching that kind of gameplay experience is to "add KSP stuff to another game", rather than to "Add war stuff to KSP".

I think the best phrase I can come up with for what I think of KSP 2 having war mods is this.

War mods are a very square peg. And KSP is a very round hole to plug mods into. Can you fit the right sized square peg in a round hole? Yes. But you're leaving a bunch of gaps around the edges, which in my mind are systems in KSP that aren't needed for war mods but are critical to the standard gameplay experience.

Do I want to stop people from trying to fit square pegs in round holes? No. I just want to stop people from using hammers to do so.

By that I mean "Don't expect KSP 2's dev team to make allowances for war mods in the way the modding API is coded".

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We really cannot suggest what we would like until we see a large huge product of the game..


we can throw scaling and war related items, but we really don't know if that will be much of an issue for scaling items in ksp 2 unlike ksp 1..


they could be adding smaller versions, or larger versions of items, heck dynamic sizes for certain things we know will be coming into the game so it seems unlikely that they wouldn't add new parts that are smaller, or larger than what ksp 1 has in store, it seem rather werid that they wouldn't have tiny, small, medium, large, Xlarge, etc etc due to how vast the game is going to be with new solar systems to play, colonies, shipments, space station parts.. we simply literally don't have a base understanding what will be in the game, or the complexity..


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Well, one thing I'd like to see since it will inevitably become an issue is a mod that helps reduce the part count on a vessel.

Basically, a KSP 2 version of UbioZor Part welding mod, but hopefully it won't require the game to be restarted to see the new parts.

This would help consolidate large numbers of smaller parts, which some players might want to use to show greater detail in their vessel, or they're trying to build around some odd-shaped payload that they want to keep separate, or who knows what but they'll have their reasons.

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I want a mod that uses a fully featured in game API that has access to all game state data and can act as any user input, Kerbal Simpit with go faster stripes, able to talk via a serial link or ethernet link to external controllers


give me that and I'm happy

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We see that in the game, I guess KAS, KIS, mechjeb,  resources as the ancient Kertane? mod, now its more balanced as you can refuel chemical and thermal nuclear but not orion pulse nuclear or metalic hydrogen engines. 
This is for the first couple updates for KSP 2, life support is another one. As KSP 2 get updates some mods get redundant or get repurposed. 
Say resource extraction only works for colonies, but if you have an nuclear reactor and a drill outside of the frost belt you have water, hydrogen and oxygen so adding this as an option for an large lander makes sense. 


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kOS, probably.  But if the new Lua mod scripting works better I'll likely port scripts to that.  But I seriously doubt the Lua system will be as player-centric as kOS is for things like the steering manager and easy access to KER like values and other things a player wants to do from a script

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On 7/17/2022 at 8:28 PM, Domonian said:

Weapons! My friends and I are all military aviation nerds, and having a game where we can design crazy aircraft and then smack on whatever weapons system we want would be fantastic. 

In combination with that, if the stock aerodynamics aren't great, an aerodynamics overhaul mod would be in order. Plus general atmospheric flight parts to make things even more interesting and varied. 

I do plan on doing the whole space exploration thing with my buddies, but being able to set up wargames as an alternative to the base game is something I've always wanted from KSP. Dogfights, bombing runs, high altitude recon, and nuking the moon are all things I look forward to in KSP2. I know it's supposed to be a light-hearted game about space and exploration, but I know there are other folk like me with coding and modeling experience that can make this dream a reality. 






Seriously, though, this sounds amazing, and for someone who plays on console, I hope the add it to stock or DLC.

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12 hours ago, Jacob Kerman said:

What is that?

CJ from GTA: San Andreas saying "Oh, expletive, here we go again", posted in reference to the fact that rather roundabout arguments about BDA and weapons mods make up the majority of this thread.

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