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reCOLOR a SOCK addon

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Spacedock (soon) (maybe)

What if this mod?

reCOLOR is a mod that adds retextures for the SLS and Space Shuttle External Tank textures to make them either look colorful, realistic, or match concept designs such as SLS with Saturn V styled painting

The main textures

  • Delta Blue External tank and SLS parts
  • Multiple Flag textures
  • Purple ET and SLS parts
  • An Improved White for both SLS and ET
  • Saturn styled SLS textures
  • Pride textures for SLS and External Tank
  • Green, Red, and Yellow External Tank Textures


Highly suggested additions

Additional info

  • Thank you so much to @benjee10 for giving us permission to both me and Arthurism for SOCK/reDIRECT retexture mods. It's a very special thing to be able to do and one of my first tries at modding, so I'm glad it went well
  • Thank you to @MATVEICH_YT For letting me do stuff for reCOLOR as well. He's the one who started the mod and I'm inspired by him a lot for it, which was how I even started doing anything related to ksp modding
  • Thank you to @Talverd and @lemon cup who have been massive inspirations for all my shuttle related endeavors weather modding the game or just making something cool in game.
  • And thanks to @Arthurism, @Invaderchaos, and @AmateurAstronaut1969 for being incredably helpfull and supporting in this task in both reCOLOR and SOCKrepainted
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21 hours ago, DJ Reonic said:

Any plans for STS ET variations such as the different orange colors and the unique orange-with-white-pipes version?



On 8/19/2022 at 8:03 PM, Jim123 said:

Sounds good, Thank you!

No Problem! It's been something I've been interested in for awhile and a great benefit to a mod for reCOLORed stuff

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