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Mod to add contracts to science mode


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hey i love playing science mode but hate career mode, but have run dry of imagination after almost 1000 hours of ksp.

wondering if there is a mod or if a mod could be made that adds contracts to science mode, since there are some really cool mods like that add really good objectives and makes stuff like underwater exploration more enjoyable and gives it a reason.

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1 hour ago, planeticegaming said:

adds contracts to science mode

7 minutes ago, DeadJohn said:

cheating funds

I second the cheating funds solutions. Just add a few millions to using the debug console and play career mode like it's just science only.  

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10 minutes ago, DeadJohn said:

Would contract mode plus cheating funds meet your needs?

you know what, I'm going to start a career and commit to it, tried it originally but that 1.11 when the bouncy landing gear was still a thing and would just destroy all of my contract planes instantly on landing.

gives me a reason to install all those contract mods too.


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