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Worried about the progression balance


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I've been playing out a potential abstract version of the game in my mind, taking into account some possible tech progression and exploration inventive elements that have been hinted.

Let's assume there's no boring abstract system of farmable science points. Every tech "unlocks" automatically for you depending on three things:

- if you did the science experiments for the tech

- if you found / harvested the resources necessary

- if your level of knowledge and discoveries is sufficiently advanced (every part could have hidden milestone triggers that unlock it)

Let's also assume that we obtain useful information about the universe only through practical science (ground and space telescope, sending probes, doing experiments etc.). This information then allows us to design more complex successful missions.

Let's also assume that the progression also favors unmanned before manned missions, as it should. And that kerbals need life support because manned missions are damn hard.

And that there are good incentives to build space stations (science, mining asteroid resources, and orbital construction etc.) and colonies (science, discovery of planetary points of interest, transportation infrastructure, resource mining etc.).

Let's assume that we need to build and upgrade the communications network.

Let's assume we have to explore and exploit the Kerbolar system first, then investigate other stars, exoplanets, build the necessary knowledge and material infrastructure that allows us to design interstellar ships and send them hurling into space.

Then we get there and start over.

Let's also assume we take into account the long and slow process of prototyping, testing and iterative design.

And the accidents.

And the story / lore / mysteries / Easter eggs.

Well, my worry is this: it's a damn huge amount of work even without any grinding! It makes me afraid for my adult and family life! :blush:

Who is going to be able to do everything in this game, in a gratifying slow and methodical way, with all the difficulty settings and optional systems turned on?

This game is going to take us years to go through. How is there going to be time to explore multiplayer features if we start with single player only?

I really think multiplayer has to be baked in or directly linked with the single player adventure. I see no other way to put everything in this game and still allow players to try it all.

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I think you are making mountains out of mole hills. If you ever played KSP with different base and resource mods, KSP2 won't be much different. The only real differences would be there wouldn't be any jank because of the mish-mash of different mod authors ideas for how KSP should work. And you have huge time savings because of background resource transfers so you don't have to manually transfer all resources.

Yes, KSP2 will have a larger scope and more places to visit, but the gameplay doesn't change.

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