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What Jobs Provide Lodging and Food?


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Amazon, UPS, etc have warehouses, not just delivery drivers—sounds like you have some experience there. Looks like pay is $16-$35/hr here in NM at amazon (googled job openings amazon NM).

You might still look into the park service, many locations are somewhat remote (and pretty) which might have to include some sort of housing.



https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=Housing Provided&mna=5&aceid&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxtn0rNy9-QIV9j6tBh21sAKZEAAYASAAEgIP2fD_BwE&vjk=e7bd209508656683


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AFAIK, almost all NPS ranger jobs include housing. But it's not an easy job to get. You need a degree, you need to do years as a "summer" ranger (i.e. a badly paid seasonal intern). And then, when you are finally a full blown ranger, it's like being in the military, you can make requests of which park you would like to be stationed at, but that is no guarantee, they mostly just send you where they need you. Because, you know, someone has to work at Glacier NP in the winter, or Death Valley NP in the summer. It's another one of those jobs where lots of people start into it thinking, "Yeah! This will be awesome!" And then two or three years later they're looking for something else. It takes a special attitude to make a career of it.

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