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My rockets are way to unstable in roll although stable in pitch and yaw


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Sounds like a problem of having too much control authority. The roll axis is usually the easiest of the three (pitch, yaw, roll) to rotate around and if you have several engines which can all gimbal to exert roll control and/or lots of reaction wheels, they can easily set up an oscillation where the SAS keeps over-correcting. You can disable the roll axis in engine gimbals and reaction wheels (may or may not require advanced tweakables to be switched on, but advanced tweakables is definitely worth turning on regardless- main menu settings > enable advanced tweakables) to try and counteract this.

If you want more specific advice or if you're getting a different problem, screenshots of the rocket(s) and/or a video of the problem will be needed.

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What do you mean by "unstable during performing rolls"?

Do you mean that pressing the Q or E key to manually roll makes the rocket unstable, with flips or other wild maneuvers?

Or do you mean that your rockets slowly drift around the roll axis during ascent, so that the navball rotates?

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