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Want to say I'm no longer going to be able to play KSP any more for a long time & so I am donating my code (mods etc.) to you.


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While I've only been here a relatively short time compared to others, I want to say there's been some important (but not bad!) life changes that mean I will not be able to play or mod Kerbal Space Program - at all - in at least the next year or so (so hopefully KSP2 will be ready then! :D). I am going to be moving to a different city, starting graduate school, and most importantly, am changing to a different kind of desktop computer that is incapable of running the KSP program.

As a result, I was going to donate to you the source code for various half-baked and seed projects related to this game that I had made. In particular I have both the never-completed Cochrane warp drive mod and SmartResources resource manager source code and model files (it really needs some good texture work & I do not like working with GIMP - but the basic warp drive functionality actually works for the most part including warp at time warp, though it's feature limited and no cool FX), and a cheap Unity based project titled "OpenKSP" which is right now a very tiny stub of nothing that so far does nothing but load a certain .mu file into Unity and render it.

Thought I'd just give you that stuff so anyone who wants to play with it can when I am gone. I might do something with one or more of them tomorrow but that's about it, I'll post 'em to my github, then I'm off.


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