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GU Space Race - Colonize the stars


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Notice From the Kerbal Nations:
The Discovery of planets beyond the Kerbol system has truly changed our perspective on space exploration, the galaxy is ours for the taking, You have been designated leader of the Galaxies Unbound Administration to Explore, then colonize One of these systems, Along with expanding our footprint in the Kerbol system to enable a massive colonization effort in the future.  The journey may be tough, the sucess, unsure, but only the bold can lay claim to the Galaxies Unbound.


  • No mods not included on the modlist other than Visual/Utility mods(KER falls into this category, as does persistent thrust)
  • No Automated Flight(No kOS, MechJeb, or any other mods like it, Bon Voyage is the singular exception)
  • You may pick 1 mod outside of the modlist to use, it must be approved by me.
  • When someone else picks a mod it is not available to use for someone else
  • Play on Science Mode
  • No Warp Drives
  • No Launching FusionPellets, helium 3, or Antimatter from Kerbin

Modlist(For clarification, everyone has these, you may not claim one of these as your mod, anything off this list is fair game)

  • Galaxies Unbound 1.2/3
  • USI Life Support
  • Extraplanetary Launchpads
  • Near Future Tech
  • KSP Interstellar Extended OR Far Future Technologies(You may only use 1)
  • Tweakscale
  • OPT SpacePlane
  • KPBS
  • Restock
  • OPM

Goals(Things you must do to have completed the race) can be completed in any order.

  • Send Kerbals to orbit
  • Send Kerbals to the Mun and Minmus
  • Send a probe to Duna, Eve, or Moho
  • Setup Interplanetary Relay Network
  • Send Kerbals to Duna, Eve or Moho(Probe Required)
  • Send a probe to Jool or Dres
  • Build a Space Station within the Kerbin System
  • Set up a comms network at kerbin
  • Send Kerbals to Jool or Dres
  • Send a probe to Sarnus, Urlum, or Nedion
  • Send Kerbals to Sarnus, Urlum, or Nedion
  • Colonize the Mun or Minmus
  • Colonize the moon of an outer planet
  • Construct an Interstellar ship
  • Get to Another star system
  • Colonize at least 3 planets/moons in a system
  • Establish Basic Infrastructure in the other system(Space Stations for refueling, transportation, and supplying fusion fuel)

Players(Sign Up In the comments, Select your mod of choice and I will list it) Parenthesis before username is the interstellar propulsion mod used, It will be either (KSPIE) or (FFT)

(KSPIE) KspNerd122 Using KW Rocketry Rebalanced

(KSPIE) InterstellarIntern Using Stockalike Station Parts Redux



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