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[1.12.3] Starilex Intra-Vehicular Solutions: MKI Pod 'Needle'


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MKI Pod 'Needle' Configuration
A Starliex product

Hello fellow kerbounats!
After many weeks of work,
and even more weeks of procrastination, with more than 80 custom made props, I'm proud to release the 'Needle' configuration for the MK1 pod !
This configuration goes far and beyond to provide the latest gadgets and knobs to every kerbal pilot, with nice additions such as a phase angle indicator, slope angle, altitude callouts
and much much more.

Here below are some screenshots of the capsule :




Be sure to have installed all the dependencies.
Download the zip file and copy the `GameData` folder inside the KSP folder


  • Raster Prop Monitor
  • MOARdV's Avionic System
  • ModuleManager
  • ASET Props
  • ASET Avionics
  • Reviva (Suggested)

Reviva support:

Reviva is a mod that allows multiple IVAs for the same pod,  giving you the option to switch between them in game.

Thanks to @610yesnolovely this IVA is supported as well out of the box!  (Thank you!)


  • 1.0 - Initial release [current]

License: CC-BY-NC-SA

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Added reviva support section thanked 610yesnolovely
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Yay! This is a very great and decent Mk1 Command pod using MAS.

Do you have built in support for Reviva? If not, I'm happy to either help figure that out or add support to Reviva itself (Reviva is a mod that allows dynamic IVA switching so you can install any number of IVA mods and not worry about which one will work). KSA IVA recently added support, so you might be able to check that one out.

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I had a closer look at the 1.0 version, this is a very excellent Mk1 CM, congrats! Is this RPM and MAS based? From what I could tell it seems to be all RPM, in which case MAS isn't really a dependency.

I'm looking forward to 1.1 with Reviva support, let me know if you need any help. GitHub doesn't seem to have these changes, no hurry though, I know finding time can be tricky.

Edited by 610yesnolovely
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