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Beyond Every Limit: A Moar-Realistic-Stock Adventure


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Welcome to Beyond Every Limit ! A modded science mode gameplay in wich kerbalkind is gonna figth with bulid queues, engine failures, faulty life support systems and MORE to endeavour to the stars and maybe even beyond ! 


Mod List: (Updated on 23/08/2022)

Life Support:

  • Tac Life Support
  • Kerbal Health

Part Failures

  • Test Lite

Extra Realism

  • Kerbal Renamer
  • Crew R&R
  • Kerbal Construction Time
  • Texture Replacer

Technical Support

  • MechJeb2
  • Kerbal Engeneer Redux
  • Editor Extension Redux
  • Hangar Extender
  • Janitor's Closet
  • Transfer Window Planner
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock
  • Trajectories


This save is more realistic than a stock save, because i decided to implement bulid time, life support and engine failures, so everything is gonna be possible.

But Without any further redo, enjoy the story !

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Chapter 1: 

A new Beginning



Y1, D9: Little Flea: Every thing has to start in some way

Using only primitive technology, a little solid rocket fueled engine, a little capsule, some wings and a parachute, the KPSA (Kerbin National Planetary Agency) has bulit his first ever rocket. Piloted by the brave kerbonaut  Tony Thomson , Little Flea stands on the KSC Launchpad.


Little Flea, kerbality s' first rocket, stands on the launchpad.


Year 1, Day 9: Blast-off !


The Interior of Little Flea I


Shutdown and Coast Phase


Diving Down 


Parachute Fully Opened, and Peak of 4g on Little Flea


Touchdown ! Mission Success !


Science-Focused EVA after Landing

After The success of Little Flea, the program has gained the starting knowdlege about spacefligth. With the research started, the KPSA aims to put a kerbal in SPACE and return him back from next mission. Not orbit, but still we are gonna obtain a LOT of scientific datas. 

Stay Tuned !




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Y1, D31: Little Swivel: In Space for the first time

After waiting for the necessary tech nodes to be researched, another rocket, Little Swivel is bulit and rolled out to the pad. The little caspsule is carring KPSA lead scientist Kyle Reyes   . His objective: reach space and return back down safe and sound. On the 31st day of Y1, the rocket is rolled out and prepared for launch. 


Little Swivel, with Kayle onboard, sits on the launchpad, awaiting liftoff.


Blast off !


Max-Q phase


Separation of the Capsule


In Space ! Finally !


The wonderful view that Kyle had seen


Science EVA



Views from space





Parachute Opened 


Splashdown ! Mission Success

With the success of this fligth, the KPSA has given the green ligth for the next major launch. Still in space. But this time, we are gonna ORBIT Kerbin and then return to the ground safely. If all goes well. STAY TUNED !

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