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Challenge to find a cool spot on kerbin?


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I saw it after last December, but can't find it anymore. I think it has been deleted or something, it's not in KSP discussion, not in Challenge and Mission Ideas, not in Mission Reports, not in KSP Suggestions & Development, not in the Spacecraft Exchange, not in KSP2 Discussion, not in KSP2 Suggestions & Development, not in The Lounge, not in Forum Games, not in Science & Spaceflight, not in Kerbal Network, not in Welcome Aboard...

Guess it disappeared.

So @Rutabaga22, I think that the best thing to do now is, to create a new thread!

I'll happily get one or two nice locations on Kerbin if needed.

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20 hours ago, Poppa Wheelie said:

I think this is it:

Wait, what? Ah, I see. And it's normal I didn't find it (at least, with the way I searched).

However will say a few things:

  1. There is a limit of five travels to the same place.
  2. If I understood correctly, only "members" can participate.
  3. I think there should be 2 threads: the original one, which awards points for the fastest player to get to the location, and the new one, which is just for fun (or is it?)


About the new thread @Rutabaga22, I think it looks good -- I'm probably gonna find one or two locations next week-end or so.

However I think that everyone can travel there and give it a note, not just one or two judges, so that we get a more general feedback opinion of said location.

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41 minutes ago, Nazalassa said:

If I understood correctly, only "members" can participate.

It can't be a Club without Membership, but membership is open to everybody (which is also Forum rules!).  To become a member you just have to agree to abide by the rules, principally 'don't talk about Kayak Club' (which is a rule I am right now flagrantly violating -- it's kind of more of a joke on 'Fight Club', I suppose: secret clubs are just more attractive to join, don't you think?)  And, technically, make one trip, either Exploration (discover new place) or Visit (find a location posted by someone else).

And the 5 visitors is just a scoring limit.  It doesn't stop anyone going there and posting a trip report.  At that point, the location is no longer even secret and its coordinates can be published to help others.  The scoring is totally not-the-point of Kayak Club, of course; just the fun[1] -- and promotion of our beautiful planet!  (Did I mention you get a badge?)


[1] the fun and, some say, the opportunity for me to reverse-engineer airplanes posted in the reconnaissance photos...  which, yeah, might have happened a couple of times.


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