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License: CC-BY-SA-4.0

Link:  https://spacedock.info/mod/3105/SHADO UFO


Hi and welcome to SHADO UFO.
Currently this is just the SKYDIVER craft and the other craft are in my original Mod Gerry Anderson's UFO Upgraded. Which I made when I was just starting to learn and is mostly reconfiguring and slight adjustment of StinkyAces original Mod Gerry Anderson's UFO.
My first mod is available here. The previous, not this one.
https://spacedock.info/mod/2806/Gerry Anderson's UFO Upgraded
The reason I am making this a separate mod is that I built this craft myself and I may be building my own versions of the other craft in the future. So anything I build will be in this new folder and name structure.

So this craft can basically do everything it could do in the TV show. A submarine that docks a fighter jet and can launch it from beneath the sea and the jet once finished with it's mission can come back and re-enter the water, meet the sub, line up and redock with it. The sub will replenish it's fuel and RCS system once attached.
They both have a ballast system. The fighter SKY One has rocket pods that use the fireworks system.

There is also a Sea Scooter with its own docking cradle. The scooter can also be stored in inventory and if you remove the RCS pack from a Kerbal to make room then a Kerbal can carry one in their inventory, obviously you will need an Engineer to deploy from inventory.

The sub has it's own cradle with wheels that can be decoupled once you are in the water so that you don't need to use a mod or cheat to get the sub to the water.

There is a decouple node on the belly of the sub and on the cradle that can be unstaged in editing or in the field so that you don't decouple too soon.

Remember that when everything is joined together that adjusting ballast on one craft will adjust them all unless you remember to shut off the tanks you don't want adjusted.

As after version 1.10.1 Kerbal swimming and sinking was made not to work well with my Kerbal ballast system so I use the "Sunkworks" mod from Angel-125 myself so that my Kerbals can SCUBA dive under water.

It is possible to get on the scooter underwater without it as the scooter has lvl 1 SAS and can be undocked and moved to the Kerbal but getting back in the sub generally requires surfacing. As the ballast system is different between the 2 mods you just need to re-adjust the systems once the Kerbal is on the scooter.

When SKY ONE is attached to the Front of DIVER ONE it is best to stay below 50 m/s when submerged because after that the flow over the wings over strains the reaction wheels and RCS and the sub then starts to pitch hard.
Everything has a node to attach. Full craft in a SPH folder in the main folder.
I hope that covers it.


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Please remember when you launch Sky One  from underwater to start the emptying of it's ballast tank or it will be heavy when you surface and have a hard time getting higher.

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1 hour ago, ColdJ said:

You have some experience with suits.


It's preliminary... I was surprised I got the fishnet thing working :) 
Need to better define where the pants are, don't want to be indecent. 

Works in IVA too. 


A few more tweaks and I'll see it I can to a kerbalized S.H.A.D.O badge for it as well. 


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3 minutes ago, Caerfinon said:

A few more tweaks and I'll see it I can to a kerbalized S.H.A.D.O badge for it as well. 

Truly excellent. Though as you say, maybe a little bit too naked at the moment. :)


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4 hours ago, Caerfinon said:

I really like the new ship! The uniforms are coming along...  need to correct one thing on the helmets. I'm pretty pleased with the S.H.A.D.O. badge 

Wow, that is seriously good work and you have done it so fast. Love the badge too.

@Robin Patenall There are your suits :)


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