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Why does dV not display for Nerv engines in VAB?

Poppa Wheelie


I did a little research, and found a few people asking the same question, but I never saw an answer.  I've addressed some of the "try this" items I've found, specifically:

  • Make sure the root part is not below the Nerv engines in the staging stack.  They are not.
  • Make sure the dV calculating tool at lower right is set to vacuum.  It is.
  • Turn the MechJeb dV calculator on.  It is.  Is also shows zero.
  • KER info window in lower left also shows zero
  • You can see plenty of fuel in the tanks

Is this just standard behavior, and I just need to work around it?  Or do I have an issue here?


Here's a much simpler craft, which I did in case other parts were somehow contributing to the issue.


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I have many instances of nervs displaying deltaV correctly. sometimes the game gets it right, sometimes not. I never figured out how and why.

So I just do the calculation manually. Really, the rocket equation is not difficult to use. It takes a minute to check total mass, propellant mass, and calculate a deltaV. It's a lot faster and more reliable than trying to get the game to work properly.

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