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[11/25/2022] - Ahum 2 Planet Pack


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A journey awaits.

Kerbals have fled from their home system. The warping of the Exodus has made Kerbin fly out of its orbit, sending it into a cold dark hellscape. After thousands of years of cryogenic freezing, they awake on a new home. Now, their objective remains the same. Space. (For context, play Ahum 1 when its finished. This is a sequel to Ahum.)

Frequently Asked Questions:  (none)

Current Version: Alpha 0.01 (distributed to testers only)

Download: (none)

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/MjrAwTfyN9

Overview: This mod seeks to triumph the style and polish of the original Ahum Planet Pack. It is the direct sequel and successor to the mod. Infrequent bugfixes will come to Ahum 1, though. The Kerbals find themselves now on The Alter Kerbin, a world visually very similar to Kerbin, but chemically vastly different. With the universe now in immediate peril to the means of the objectives to the Romulus SuperAI, the Kerbal race finds themselves on the edge. Whether it be sentient planets, sulfur belts, binary black holes, or what, the Kerbals know they will persevere.









Parallax Terrain Shader 

Environmental Visual Enhancements Redux


Interstellar Fuel Switch

Community Resource Pack



Distance Object Enhancement Continued




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3 minutes ago, Rutabaga22 said:

This is looking really cool! So excited for parallax support.

Thank you! I also intend to support many other mods like IFS and CRP. I can't emphasize enough how enthusiastic I am for material harvesting across the system. :)

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11 hours ago, Sky Kerman said:

Wow... Is this mod still in development? Because this is awesome!

Also where is Ahum 1?

Ahum 1 is being finalized for release :)  I really appreciate your comment!


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