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[WIP] New Generation ESA Rocket: Vega, Ariane 6....


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Some Picture of Space Rider:


I get some "feedback" for my "plain" texture, so i try  to polish the heat shield according to some ArianeGroup render


I'm still ensure of the landing gear, i don't know if i use wheel or patin and if i make door inside or separate part outside like stock, it will depend of free time or motivation.


I make a little experiment based of a design i use to work during school:



The real Space Rider can carry nano-sat into separate bay, but i don't think i will make it as KSP does not handle very well such sat into VAB


A friend of mine tell me that Vinci engine was propose for the upper stage of SLS, if i have time i will make a compact version of vinci with a extendable nozzle for use into the respective mod that give SLS or for making the Ariane 5 Midlife-Evolution concept.


@ScribStar provide me a very very detailled Vulcain engine model, who is licensed, so i will use it as guideline for improve the model i use, i plan to at least add the side gaz exaust, the ariane 6 model i use don't have it, but photo of the actual Vulcain have it so i will update the model at a later date 

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that was i thought, but the real one will have this configuration as seen in the latest presentation

14 hours ago, SpaceFace545 said:

Looks stellar but wouldn't it make more sense if the front gear was a skid and the rear were wheels. Or even better; all the gear are skids.

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