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Science not recovered



I recently started a new career mode game on pc using the latest steam version of the game (no mods). Everything was working great until I did my first minimus mission, I collected  science from 4 biomes using all the experiments I could use. I was unable to recover the lander back at kerbin, because I kept rolling off a Cliff, So I grabbed the experiments and ditched the lander and parachuted to safety. After recovering the kerbal holding all the science, no science points were added to my total. The science does show up in the archives, but has no value assigned. Am I missing something?

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. :)

Unfortunately, you don't get science from recovering Kerbals. The experiments will be logged in the archive, but with no value as you mentioned. In order to receive the science, you need to either transmit it back to Kerbin, or recover the vessel with the science stored on it.

A couple of tips to avoid your situation (rolling off cliffs and such):

When you get on an reentry trajectory that you feel good about, you can quicksave by hitting F5 (well before you actually arrive). This gives you the ability to load back to that point by hitting F9 if you encounter a problem. When you load back, you will be far enough away to make adjustments to your trajectory, so you miss whatever obstacle you hit.

Another thing is that if you are using a command pod, they can act as wings, so by tilting and rolling the pod, you can fly it down through the atmosphere to some extent. Often times, this gives you enough control to avoid obstacles, and hit a more precise landing spot.

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