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Is there a mod that makes Eve look more like Venus?


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If you are talking about just the atmosphere, I would guess all you need is a config for Scatterer and E.V.E.

I dont know if a Venus-like config exists yet, but for example by looking at the configs that come with AVP for example you could maybe even cook up your own configs. The Venus configs for RSS would also be a good starting point, to get values or textures, colormaps or whatever you need.

Personally I like how Eve looks in the JNSQ mod, it is way more Venus like than what we get in stock, at least the surface of the planet. The atmo on Eve in JNSQ is a nice nod to stock Eve and I dont think that is what you are looking for as such.

With that being said, how DOES the Venus atmosphere look IRL? The illuminated side usually looks quite bright in pictures, right?

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