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Will Dres have a moon?

Minmus Taster

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Yes I just copy-pasted the post I made but I think it would work better as it's own discussion.

I know it was said that there would be no changes to the Kerbol System but plans do change and if it does exist it's probably an asteroid moon of some kind so not a major change, and they've already added rings to Dres, I guess the rings already existed in KSP 1 but it was a distant asteroid field you had to find as opposed to a full-on ring system you could crash into.


Now you can't see the moon with Dres in any footage but in the video there is some interesting footage which could allude to this new moon being in the game, I'm gonna codename it "Tal" for simplicities sake.

First of all there is an interesting bit of footage from the surface of some kind of brownish smaller object, this could be explained away as just a new interstellar object like Skutt (more on it later by the way) but the video doesn't at any point show something outside of the Kerbolar System from what I remember, so this is probably in the base system.

This could also be Gilly or Bop but judging by the speed that lander took off from it's surface it's probably smaller than even Gilly, also worth mentioning is that the features of this object are unlike anything we've seen in the first game or footage of Bop or Gilly, there's clearly a massive crater just next to the lander and it takes up quite a bit of the object.



Ok so it's probably not Bop or Gilly unless one of them got hit by the other, so what could it be? the answer is a totally new celestial object and probably in the Kerbolar System as well.

But where will "Tal" fit into the game, what about the most bland and boring place in the original game? Dres of course, it's already being spruced up with a ring system and new terrain, how about put a cherry on top by adding a small moon? but why am I going with Dres for this theory? because of this image right here;


The outer orbit is more than a little suspect for a celestial object, it could be mistaken for the orbit of a spacecraft but why would a craft be parked in an orbit like that? I do recognize that the debris craft were seeing on the screen does seem to have an inclination that's the same as the mystery objects orbit but it could be the craft had been trying to reach Tal and then was destroyed.

I'm gonna go a step farther with this too since I'm feeling bold today, Tal is actually Skutt;

6GeXh9U.pngThe crater does look like the one seen in the new video, and it has the right color, shape, and terrain, it's also quite small like Tal which is why it rotates so fast, this object could very well be Skutt regardless of if it's in the Kerbolar System.

Anyways that's my theory, a moon for a now ringed Dres would really add to the main parent and adding a fast rotating rubble pile would make it stand out on it's own as opposed to Bop or Gilly.

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