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Duna has weird orange "stripes" running through it.



When I downloaded Astronomer's Visual Pack, everything looked really good, but Duna looked a bit weird. I would like to know if this is intentional, or a bug. Whatever answer it is, is there a way to remove it? Same with the clouds. Thanks!


(These are all the mods in my folder,  and yes I have AVP 8k textures)


(What Duna should look like)


(What my Duna looks like, the red are the stripes I was talking about, and the green represents clouds)

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This is actually the way Duna should look, nothing is wrong here. The mod that handles the nice atmospheres, Scatterer, has hanged quite a bit since the release of the AVP trailer. Fortunately Scatterer is easily configurable, if you want to change the look yourself, just hit shift + alt + f11 while on Duna or looking at it in map. This will bring up the Scatterer UI where you can adjust all the characteristics of the atmosphere. It may take some time can take to learn it, but it can be very fun to know, or I would be happy to make you some configs that look like they do in the trailer! Hope I can help.

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Yeah it is rather complicated. (Explanation time)


Here we can see there are three tabs at the top. Right now, we are only concerned about the atmosphere and config points tab. (I mean, lets face it, Duna doesn't have an ocean...) In this image I have the atmosphere tab open, there are only really two things here, the control of Rayleigh scattering and Mie scattering. Atmospheric scattering is where light (photons) hits the atmospheric molecules and kinda just bounces around, also known as being scattered.  Rayleigh scattering is where the molecules in question are smaller than the wavelength of the light, it is what we see when we look at the sky in real life. During the middle of the day, the light is gets scattered by the nitrogen and oxygen and whatever else there is, and looks blue. The light that directly hits us though is relatively unchanged, and so it is white like it would be in space. During the middle of the day the sun doesn't have to shine through much atmosphere, only what is directly above our heads. But at sunset/sunrise, it has to shine through a lot more atmosphere, just think about it. At this time of day, the sky as adrift with many colors, but mainly: red. The light at sunset that directly hits us is also red. On planets with red atmos, like Duna, this sunset light is blue. In the Scatterer config, the Rayleigh scattering is just directly controlled by rgb values. For Kerbin, for example, you'll notice that this rgb value roughly equals blue. For Duna, red/orange. The ratios between the colors determine how saturated the color will be. If they were all equal for example, the atmosphere would have no color. A little green would make it pale green, and then lowering the other colors would make it a much more intense green. These values also directly effect the thickness. And if you like the color ratios, you can see there is an auto-thicken value to assign. In the config tool you configure Mie the same way. But Mie is different- Mie scattering is where the molecules scattering the light are larger than the wavelength. Mie is dust, water drops and is what clouds are in real life. In Scatterer, Mie is just a haze. Duna's atmosphere has much dust, so you will notice the Mie values are much higher here than other planets. The Mie phase function asymmetry kinda controls whether the Mie looks like a dust haze or a sea fog. The higher the value, the more it looks like sea fog. All the other stuff here you don't really need to worry about, as it is basically just determining the physical characteristics of the planet.


The config points tab basically works around the looks generated by the atmosphere. You can change the exposure (both for the sky and scattering,) and other than that, there is not much to worry about. When you get it the way you like it, hit save and it will save to wherever it is pulling the cfg files from. If you mess up, just change scenes and it will go back. A good way to this is to make a quicksave if you are changing it from flight, and then reload. If in tracking station, just leave and come back. I learned entirely from messing around- don't be afraid to experiment. There is also a wiki explaining some of the other config point stuff: https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/wiki

Also, if the text in the "cfg file used" part is red, delete the AVP Scatterer config folder. If you want, I can also send you my Duna Scatterer configs, if you like the way they look. :) 

Have fun, this is something that will make more sense with time and experimenting and is cool to know.

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