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On 2/17/2023 at 11:37 PM, AlamoVampire said:

an ode to tuna sandwiches

"Oh how I love you, so I sing you this song,

My soft and savoury companion. 

Your loving caress of my hungry tongue,

And not even a hint of some onion. 

You are but two slices of fresh and sliced bread, 

With some butter and - crucially - tuna, 

Yet for your flavour I solemnly beg,  

I need you to be in my mouth sooner."







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Accurately describes the experience of landing on Eve for the first time. 

Spaceman Spiff runs out of fuel. Very accurate realism. How much Delta V can  fit in that thing without part clipping?

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I am temporarily renaming the  calvinball to "Justice".

I throw the ball into the air and smack it with a tennis racket so that it flies over the net and whacks @Scarecrow71 in the back of the head.

Justice... has been served. :cool:

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