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Apollo moon landings recreated in KSP...


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I apologise for the inaccuracies....

* Detaching the LEM from the S-IVB before docking the CSM.
* Not having seperate ascent/descent stages of the LEM.

These were limitations of the game engine / ORDA mod, although I'm working on it for version 2....


Plugins used:

* MechJeb.
* Custom plugin I made which slows down time (used during launch so my computer didn't have a meltdown). Edited by DEADBEEF
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Really good video. I found only a few minor inaccuracies, not including the ones you listed:

If you plan on making another one of these videos, here's what I have for you:

The skirt sep should not happen before S-II ignition. After you stage from the S-IC, the engines on the S-II should start and then a few seconds later, the skirt (that row of things covering the second stage engines) should separate. Then, instead of AFTER TLI (like in your video) the launch escape tower should jettison before you've even made Kerbin Orbit. And finally, deploy your lander gear while still in Munar Orbit before Descent Orbit Insertion.

Other than that, awesome video. Can you post the .craft file for that rocket?

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