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Three Words Story!


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changed the grammar slightly to minimize the run on sentences.

which (. This) scared away

all the SRB's

I also started to compile the story. So far I am about halfway through pg 5 and this is what I have. (I did the same thing above; changing "which" to ". This" and fixing capitalization.

There once was a kerbal named Kerby who wanted to fly to the Enterprise while he ate a 3 foot rotten cheeseburger while he drank a cold beer and went hiking on Mount Kraken which he thought was located over the top of Duna’s large anomaly. This was at the center of a large crater of the interesting red dust planet who’s gravity affected the range of its gravitational pull that managed attract the love of their life who was called Charley the Unicorn. Kerby thought his love is hideous towards Charley since he murdered orphans and ate their hearts then he spleens, and cooked their brains, so he could use an evil thing called Kerbal Space Mastermind, which could divide by zero. This caused the…
If anyone wants to continue compiling they can. :) I might even keep doing so :P Edited by dnulho
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I also started to compile the story. So far I am about halfway through pg 5 and this is what I have.

Heh, good luck on that. I think when I compiled this one time I think I had 200 pages to go through as well, and it was not the most relaxing thing.. Well, atleast I can now catch up on the new story that has sprouted since most of the old one on this thread vanished.


Master of carpets

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